Obiqo Body Wash and Body Butter Review

obiqo skincare, obiqo body wash, obiqo silky body butter, obiqo sea salt extract, Everyone wants soft skin, right? I’m always looking for new products that will leave my skin feeling soft and moisturized, so when Obiqo reached out and introduced me to their line of products, I was looking forward to trying them out. I hadn’t heard of the company before (they’re based in New Zealand), but their products are inspired by the sea and include marine extracts.

Let’s start with the body wash. On the bottle it says that it will leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and silky smooth. Each time I used this, I did feel that my skin was fresh, clean and smooth, although not particularly smoother than usual. This is a gel body wash and with a few pumps I was able to get a nice lather. It did feel cool and refreshing in the shower and it didn’t leave any sticky residue. I will say that the scent is not my favorite- it’s a bit too herbal for my tastes. Thankfully the scent is light and I found that it didn’t linger too long after I finished showering, particularly if I used the body butter afterwards.

obiqo skincare, obiqo body wash, obiqo silky body butter, obiqo sea salt extract, In my opinion, the body butter stole the show. The label states that it will deeply moisturize your skin and I completely agree with that statement. I think I’ve mentioned before that I have dry skin so I do apply lotion on a daily basis and often multiple times a day. I felt that this body butter did a great job of moisturizing my skin. I only applied this all over my body once in the morning and noticed that my skin stayed hydrated throughout the day and I didn’t need to reapply. It is a body butter, so it has a thicker texture and I did have to work it into my skin a bit. When first applying, it felt a little sticky to me and I though, “uh oh,” but after waiting 20 seconds or so for it to sink in, the sticky feeling went away. I much prefer the scent of the body butter over the body wash- it’s light and fresh with a hint of the sea.

obiqo skincare, obiqo body wash, obiqo silky body butter, obiqo sea salt extract, If you’re curious about their products and want to learn more, you can sign up for their newsletter here. Also, if you want to try these out for yourself, you can get 5% off 2 or more items with the code OBZT2RHI or 10% off 3 or more items with the code OBIDKUCG!

(Obiqo Refreshing Body Wash // Obiqo Silky Body Butter)

Tell me: What’s your favorite scent for body wash or soap?

Disclaimer: These products were provided to me by Obiqo for review purposes, but you’ll always read my honest thoughts and opinions about the products I review.


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  1. says

    As much as I love the thick creaminess of a body butter, I will alway prefer anything in an easy pump dispenser. Silly perhaps, but those jars make me crazy. Glad the product was able to provide you with great results though!

    Chic on the Cheap

    • says

      I know what you mean- I’d much rather use a pump than have to dip my hand in a jar. It would be great if these came in a squeezy tube or something!

  2. says

    I really like Body Butter products, I tend to have dry skin, so I’m always searching for products that really hydrate it all day long. These look like great products, I will definitely try them soon :)