Mixing Patterns

stripes and dots, polka dot skirt, loft striped top, how to mix patterns, navy blue outfit I can mark this down in the books as another good weekend. A good deal of my time was spent outside, strolling around the neighborhood and lounging in the park. On Saturday we spontaneously decided to go to a tapas place for brunch/lunch. We went to Donostia in Alphabet City and unsurprisingly it was not crowded, given the time of day. We sat in a intimate little nook with a skylight and while the rain fell intermittently above, we snacked on our little plates of food. From there we headed to Van Leeuwen for a sweet treat. For some reason I’ve never had their ice cream (even though I’ve passed by that place many times) so I decided it was time to right that wrong. I got two scoops of sea salt caramel and vanilla ice cream- that vanilla may have been the best I’ve ever had.

It started raining again so we ducked into a local shop called Fresco. They have really yummy gelato, but this time I just ordered a huge mug of coffee. Once the skies cleared the temperature was perfect, so we then headed to my neighborhood park and chilled on the benches for a while. Full of tasty food and with the sun shining on my face, I could have sat on that park bench for the rest of the day, which is basically what we did.

Sunday was a bit more of the same- food, walking and parks. I introduced my friend to my favorite cupcake place in the area, Butter Lane and then we sat in Tompkins Square Park to enjoy our treat. It was a bit too hot to lounge around like the day before, so then we walked over to the Strand Bookstore, which is definitely one of my favorite places in NYC. We were on a mission to pick up the first few books in the Harry Potter series because my friend and I decided to read them together. After that I headed back to my place to work on the blog and that new project I hinted at in the last outfit post. I’m hoping to debut it sometime this week, so stay tuned!

friends, roommates, sitting in the park, h&m sunglasses, two friends Outfit Details: Striped top- LOFT // Skirt- Forever 21 // Shoes- Lulu’s // Sunglasses- H&M // Lips- NYC Ultra Moist Lipwear in Sheer Red // photos- my friend Alex (that’s my roomie above, who often helps me take pictures!)