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miyu beauty, miyu de-stress mi, miyu teas & beauty, miyu set, miyu beauty anthropologie, miyu tea The end of last week was a bit of a rough one. There was a flurry of activity at work and although I’m usually a pretty mellow person, I was feeling the stress on Thursday. When I finally left work that day, I felt pretty drained. All I wanted to do was get home and curl up in my bed.

miyu beauty, miyu de-stress mi, miyu teas & beauty, miyu set, miyu beauty anthropologie, miyu tea That night, I thought it would be a good time to try out the De-Stress Mi Beauty Essence set that Miyu sent me. I hadn’t heard of this company before they contacted me, but they sent me some really interesting background information about their brand. One thing that really stood out to me is their brand message: “We believe that (1) beauty is a lifestyle, (2) complexions should also be nurtured from within, and (3) the secret to everlasting beauty is happiness.” The De-Stress set is composed of a calming mist and a container of tea. The idea is to pair these two elements together by treating your face with the mist and your body with a calming cup of tea.

miyu beauty, miyu de-stress mi, miyu teas & beauty, miyu set, miyu beauty anthropologie, miyu tea So far, I have really enjoyed using these products. When I sprayed the mist on my face it was very cooling and refreshing. Especially with the summer heat, just experiencing that cooling sensation did make me feel a little bit calmer. I’m a big tea drinker and I typically have at least one cup a day. That Thursday I made a cup of this tea and that small ritual of brewing tea was comforting. I thought the tea was very good- it contains a blend of peppermint and chamomile, both flavors that I enjoy. There’s also a hint of peppermint in the spray as well, which I found refreshing.

miyu beauty, miyu de-stress mi, miyu teas & beauty, miyu set, miyu beauty anthropologie, miyu tea On a long and stressful day, I think it was necessary to take a little moment to decompress. After testing the mist and sipping on a cup of the tea, I did feel calmer and less anxious. Of course it’s not a magic fix for stress, but I certainly feel that it helped. Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the packaging, which is absolutely beautiful. Even my roommate commented on how lovely it is when he saw the containers sitting on my desk. I think this set would make a great gift for a friend or a good ‘treat yo self’ gift.

Tell me: What do you do to relieve stress?

(Miyu Tea & Beauty Essence Set)

Disclaimer: These products were provided to me by Miyu Beauty for review purposes, but you’ll always read my honest thoughts and opinions about the products I review.


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  1. sartorialsidelines says

    The packaging is pretty lovely – and the face mist sounds very relaxing. I battle work stress at least once a week and would love to try a little kit like this.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

    • says

      Oh wow, once a week- that’s pretty regularly! I’ve realized that I couldn’t be in a super high-stress job. Or maybe I could, if I was left alone to manage things. It’s when other people project their stress on to me that I get really flustered and find it hard to work.

    • says

      I was really intrigued by the idea of combining skincare with tea, so I’m very glad I had the opportunity to try their products :)

    • says

      I’m glad you liked this post Natalie! Yes, the packaging on these products is absolutely lovely and they’ve got a nice spot front and center on my dresser now :)

  2. says

    that sounds great!
    I think of myself as a mellow person but, I realize I am not. It actually took a relationship for me to discover that. It wasn’t that I need a guy in my life to understand myself but, sometimes, an “outside perspective” gives you the reality check you don’t give yourself. So now I understand that when I’m hungry, I am mean. (sorry!). I am a worry wart. I overthink certain things. And I like to try other people’s food. haha.
    Having said all that, I like to relieve stress by…being alone. (says the introvert!) I like the idea of sipping some calm inducing tea and allowing myself to feel mellow. =D

    • says

      I recently discovered that when I’m hungry, I can get mean too. Last week I had an early morning meeting and I was told there would be snacks, so I went expecting coffee and food. Spoiler alert- there were no beverages or snacks! I thought it was a rather long and pointless meeting, so by the time we emerged I was pretty cranky. I guess it was obvious because a colleague told me it was the first time she’d ever seen me grumpy at work!
      Anyways, that long story was to say that I get what you mean about needing an ‘outside perspective’ sometimes. I’m also an overthinker and an overanalyzer. I’m thinking we’re actually quite similar Nancy- alone time is also crucial for me. That stressful day, the last thing I wanted to do was see people, so I just went straight home and holed up by myself.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment Nancy! :)

  3. says

    This looks great! At the end of the day, all I want to is relax, so this would be perfect! I relieve stress by having some me-time aka reading or watching TV or checking blogs!

    • says

      Yes, reading is always a great way to relieve stress! It’s nice when you can escape into another world and forget your own problems for a bit.