Stars and Stripes

fourth of july clothing, stars and stripes, fourth of july outfits, fourth of july 2014, fourth of july apparel, what to wear on fourth of july, 4th of july Who’s excited for the Fourth of July next week? I’m still trying to figure out my plans, but as long as they involve a BBQ/potluck of some sort, I’ll be good. I’m most excited about having an extra day off work- I need a break! I love dressing to theme for any holiday, so today I thought it would be fun to pull together some patriotic pieces. You can go full red, white and blue with your outfit, or you could keep it subtle with just an Americana accessory. The best part? Most of these items are under $50 and everything is under $60!

Tell me: What do you have planned for the Fourth?

(starting at the top: Striped Ponte Dress, Straw Boater, Stars Print Midriff Shirt, Brass Star Earrings, Stripe Leather Pouch [30% off with code HISUMMER], Stars & Stripes Scarf, Classic Stripe Tee, Simple Tote in Flag Stripe, Star Muscle Tank, Vintage Cotton Tee in Stars [30% off with code HISUMMER], Americana Slip-On Sneaker, Pleated Stripe Short, Sailor Sweater in Stripe, Striped Sequin Dress, Pleated Star Chambray Skirt, American Flag Phone CaseAmericana Earring Set)

  • I can’t believe it’s already nearly July 4th! I haven’t confirmed my plans yet, but I definitely hope to see some fireworks and eat good food with friends.

    • Ahh, yes, fireworks- how could I forget? I love fireworks :)

  • These are all so pretty! I specially love that hat :)

    • Thanks Maru! I like the hat too- it would really be a great hat to wear all summer long :)

  • Time sure flies! These are such cute picks! I can never get enough stripes :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Thank you Rowena! Me neither :)

  • heather

    YES all of this!! I can not wait for the Fourth of July! We are having a BBQ on our roof since you can see the fireworks from there. PS I need that hat and pouch!


    • That sounds awesome! I totally forgot to mention fireworks in my post- I love to watch them :)

      You should get the hat and pouch! Hehe, I’m an enabler :D

  • Jen

    Nice to see a fellow New Yorker! And wow, I want all of these tops for the fourth of july! Stars and stripes are solo cute! I especially like the hat and the denim shirt with the stars!

    Jen xx

    • It is nice to see a fellow New Yorker- thanks for coming by! I love the denim shirt with the stars too- it’s so fun and summery :)

  • I seriously cannot believe 4th of July is around the corner!! I love the summer time (biased) but, I still can’t get over how quickly time goes by.


    • I’ve felt like that this whole year- time is just zooming on by!

  • Jessica

    Love everything in this post. I cannot believe the 4th is almost here.

    • Thank you! I know- exactly one week away now!

  • m
    • Yes indeed :) I love nautical pieces!

  • Dang! Where was this post when I needed Independence Day inspo? Lol oh well, there’s always next year ;)

    • Haha, I don’t know! There’s no rule that says you can’t wear a little stars or stripes whenever you feel like it ;)