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Hi, hello! Is this thing still on? Sooo, I kind of disappeared for a little over a week. It wasn’t really planned- I just needed a break. I was feeling off my game and I’m slowly working on getting back into the swing of things. The first thing I’m starting with is the inspiration board above my desk. It hasn’t been updated in several months and I thought it was time to go through the pile of magazines I had sitting on my desk.

I’ve had some form of inspiration board ever since I was a kid. I always loved clipping little pictures and quotes out of magazines and then I would form a collage on my bulletin board. Since I was feeling off, I thought it would be good to go back to basics and cut out snippets and images that I like. I still have a few gaps to fill in, but I’m sitting on my bed looking at it right now and I’m already starting to feel a little more inspired.

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Tell me: Do you have an inspiration board? I’d love to see a picture if you do!

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  • Rowena @ rolala loves

    I think we all need a little break sometimes. I’ve always had some sort of inspiration board over my desk as well but since I now share a desk with my husband I’ve abandoned it and just use Pinterest instead.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Nnenna

      I use both my inspiration board and Pinterest as well (although Pinterest gets updated much more frequently)!

  • Maru | Fashiony Fab

    I love this! i have an inspiration room as well in my room, it’s so important for me. I’m glad you’re back! :)

    • Nnenna

      Thank you Maru! I think I remember seeing your inspiration board in one of the videos you did :)

  • Natalie | Catalina Creative

    I’ve been collecting items for an inspiration board! I can’t wait to move to set one up, they’re the best!

    • Nnenna

      Yay! It’s always so fun to put it together! :)

  • Sara Strauss

    Even before Pinterest, I also would collect interesting images and quotes! I used to keep a folder on my computer called Beautiful Randomness. I still have a corkboard covered with fun things and keychains!

    • Nnenna

      I’ve always wanted to collect quotes that I like! I’m so bad at remembering to jot them down- I need to get better!

  • SHE Jenmarie

    I had wondered where you were ;) I love all of these photos you gathered! I get so excited over photos like these, haha! I would absolutely love to see your inspiration board once you’re finished with it.

    • Nnenna

      Thank you Jenmarie! Me too- I get inspired seeing other people’s inspiration boards! Ok, I will snap a pic and post on here or Instagram when it’s all full :)

  • Jane

    love your inspiration board. i used to have something as well and i would love to have one again. i should just start instead of thinking i should, eh?

    • Nnenna

      Thanks Jane! Yeah, go for it! It’s a fun project and I know you like to get creative :)

  • Emily Spada

    I actually don’t have an inspiration board, but I should maybe make one with all those HGTV magazines I have lying around. I mostly use Pinterest as the virtual inspiration boards. All of these are just so pretty to look at….

    • Nnenna

      You know I love me some Pinterest (!) but I like having my physical inspiration board to look at as well :)