On Repeat

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Today I wanted to share a few songs that I’ve been playing on repeat recently. When I find a song that I really like, I’ll just listen to it over and over again (to my roommate’s great dismay). I have fairly widespread music tastes- I like most genres, except probably country and screamo music. My favorite type is definitely R&B/Soul. I absolutely adore artists like John Legend and Solange (and it probably doesn’t need to be said, but Beyoncé is at the top of my list of favorite musicians).

I’m a big fan of Spotify and I like to browse the different playlists on there. In particular, I love the ‘New Music Tuesday’ playlist that gets updated every week. I try to listen to the entire playlist and I usually discover at least one or two fresh new hits that I like. I hope you like this playlist and let me know if there are any songs you think I should check out!

Tell me: What song are you currently playing on repeat?

Inès de la Fressange x Uniqlo

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When I was browsing online for my fall capsule wardrobe, I stumbled onto a new collection by Inès de la Fressange for Uniqlo. Inès is a French style icon and has been a muse to many famous designers. Her collection for Uniqlo is full of classic pieces that you can mix and match. According to the site, “the theme of this collection is the pure, unfettered enjoyment of fashion, which shouldn’t be complicated, but intuitive and fun.”

What is it about French style and culture that we Americans find so irresistible? Also, I wonder if other countries are as obsessed with France as we are? Anyways, I digress- back to the clothes! If you’re a fan of timeless pieces that are good quality and well-priced, then you’ll definitely want to check out this collection. I’ve gathered a few of my favorite pieces below. That trench coat is at the top of my list!

ines de la fressange, french style icon, uniqlo, how to dress french, classic pieces for your wardrobe, classic style, uniqlo collection

P.S. Thank you all for your get well wishes on my last post. I am definitely feeling better now!

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Sick Day

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I used to be one of those people who never got sick. Now it seems like I get sick every few months… What’s going on body? Are you starting to fail me already?

Yesterday I was at work feeling miserable and going through boxes of tissues, then I finally decided to ask my boss if I could take a half day and go home early. She said yes of course, because she’s a reasonable human being, and off I went. I don’t know why, but I feel so guilty when I take a sick day. I think I’ve taken less than 6 sick days in the entire 3 years that I’ve been at my job (and 2 of those happened when I hurt my eye and actually couldn’t see for a bit). At some point, I got it in my head that you had to be near death to use a sick day, which makes no sense. My job is not that important and everything will be fine if I’m not at work for a day or two.

So I’m tucked under the covers, writing this post and trying to push away those feelings of guilt. I thought I’d share my sick day essentials, which include:

– a good book. That’s one plus about being home- having more time to read! I’m currently reading A Paris Apartment which is proving to be a good escape novel so far.

a cozy blanket, because when I’m sick, I’m curled up in bed.

kleenex. And yes, I need the multi-pack set because you don’t even want to know how many boxes I’ve gone through in the last few days.

pajamas. All I want right now is to be cozy and comfortable.

– a lot of tea. Recently, I’ve been averaging approximately three cups a day. Once I feel better, I’ll definitely need to restock my stash (the Paris tea from Harney & Sons is one of my favorites). I like to drink my tea from big mugs and this literary mug is pretty cute.

Netflix. Sometimes being sick turns my brain to mush and I can’t even concentrate on a book, which is when I log on to Netflix and look for something light and easy to watch (image via).

Tell me: What are your sick day essentials?