A Thanksgiving Day Outfit

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For the past six years, I’ve been going to my friend’s house in Brooklyn for Thanksgiving and spending the day/weekend with her family. Since I moved to the East Coast, I haven’t been able to spend Thanksgiving with my family because it’s rather expensive to fly back to CA for such a short time. I’m really grateful to my friend’s family for taking me in and giving me a home away from home on Thanksgiving day.

For the past couple of weeks, my friend and I have been pinning recipe ideas. This year there will be a few of us friends staying at her family apartment. I usually head over on Wednesday night so we can finalize the recipes we plan to make and have a sleepover. Then on Thanksgiving day, we spend all day in the kitchen listening to Frank Sinatra (our fave) and cooking.

Here’s an outfit I would wear on Thanksgiving. It’s loose and comfortable because of course you have to leave room for all the delicious food you’ll be eating. I love this cozy cardigan and cranberry-colored shift dress. I think the gold heel on these sling-back flats is really pretty. I took a cue from that detail and paired this outfit with gold accessories, like this long pyramid chain necklace and these golden cluster earrings.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I’m really looking forward to it, along with the days off work. I’ll be back on Wednesday with another gift guide and then I’m going to take the rest of the week off to relax.

Tell me: For those who celebrate, what are your Thanksgiving plans?


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  1. SHE Jenmarie says

    That is so nice of your friend and your family. It reminds me of a photo I saw on my friend’s page where she hosted a “Friendsgiving”. I thought that was such a great idea! Can’t wait to see what you’ll be wearing!

  2. says

    I think that’s the best you found a group of friends you can share the holiday with! How special. It’s truly a Friendgiving!
    While I wish you could spend it with your family, this also sounds just as fun! I love that you all chip in to cooking and sharing recipes to make on the day of. =) What a great tradition.


  3. says

    I love this outfit! It’s the perfect mix of casual and and comfy. For Thanksgiving, I’m going to my grandparents house to eat which is a family tradition. Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with your friend’s family!

  4. says

    Oh that sounds like a lot of fun! Thanksgiving is a tradition I really envy you US residents :) I wish there was something like it in Europe {or course, the story behind Thanksgiving wouldn’t really work here}. I’m not sure if there is a holiday apart from Christmas where you make dinner for your family and friends and have a great time. Would be great if there was!
    Hope you have a wonderful time :-)