Cold Weather Dressing

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coat // dress // scarf // hat // tights // earrings // boots

I’ve mentioned that I’m trying not to shop at the moment, but window shopping is totally allowed. Lately I feel like I’ve been wearing pants all the time because it’s been so cold. I miss my legs and I miss wearing dresses. I thought it’d be fun to put together a winter outfit featuring a dress. I like this striped dress from Topshop because I think it would transition well whenever the weather starts to warm up. Also, I’m still considering getting a new winter coat and I like the idea of a bright coat like this one (I think I’ve almost convinced myself not to get a black coat. Sort of. Maybe.). I feel like scarves are especially key with collarless coats- gotta keep the neck area warm and toasty! If I was wearing this outfit, I’d likely swap out the heeled boots for flat ones, unless I was going to an event or party. In some ways, I can’t believe it’s already February, but also, we’ve still got 2-3 months of winter to go…


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      I do have a black coat already, which is why I’m leaning towards a bright or patterned one (although my black coat has seen better days and should probably be updated too). Same here! Winter is not my fave…

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    Yes! Go for a bright coat! It probably feels so different compared to the practicability of a black coat but, having been the owner of a couple of bright coats, I love them! They make you feel cheerier and actually pairs with a lot – especially if a lot of what you own already fall into “classics” anyway. =)


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      I’ve only ever owned black coats and I’m a little afraid of how much a bright coat will stand out! Haha, we’ll see, I might go for something patterned. You’re right though, colorful coats are much more cheerful!