Noted 09.

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I haven’t done one of these posts in a while! In this series, I round up a few things that have caught my eye during my nightly sessions browsing the web. Usually these don’t fit into one nice, neat category, but I like to share these finds with you from time to time. Today we have…

– the Kate Spade Saturday and West Elm collaboration. This seems like a perfect marriage to me. Kate Spade Saturday has the best prints and they translate really well into home decor. My favorite print from the collection is the one pictured above- it’s so bright and cheerful.

Everlane’s striped tees. I own a couple Everlane tees and they’re both great. They’re quite soft and they’ve held up well through many washes. I really like Everlane and what the company stands for. I think I’ll be able to lift my self-imposed spending ban soon and there are several Everlane pieces that I have my eye on. I particularly love the look of this striped shirt. I already have several striped tees, but I love the effortlessness of this one. I know the quality of Everlane tees is great and I know that if I bought this tee, I would live in it.

– this kitty pouch from J. Crew. Crazy cat ladies unite. This pouch is so cute. Definitely not something I need, but I think I would make a cute makeup bag or something like that. I’m watching this and if it goes on sale, I might have to get it.

– the Sephora Formula X Sheer Strength nail polishes. I currently own one Formula X polish and I like it. The color is gorgeous, but the formula is a bit thicker than what I normally like. Recently I saw these sheer strength nail polishes. Usually I want my nail polish color to stand out, but I like the idea of these sheer colors that also act as nail strengtheners. I think it might be good when I want to give my nails a bit of a break, but I don’t want to leave them bare. If you’ve tried any of the Formula X polishes, let me know what you think of them (image via).

  • SHE Jenmarie

    I hadn’t heard about the Kate Spade and West Elm collab until now! I agree, her prints are so lively and fun!

    • Their ads are usually pretty great too- the models are typically smiling and they look like they’re having the best time.

  • For the everlane tees I am just hoping they make more colors like navy/cream or black/white.


    • Agreed- I would love to see that striped tee in black/white.

  • sartorialsidelines

    Okay, I really, really need that cat pouch. How adorable!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

    • So cute. I am watching it to see if it will go on sale!

  • I’ve been meaning to check out Everlane’s tees since I’ve heard some great things about them. Thanks for the reminder!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • I like Everlane! Their stuff is reasonably priced and I wear my black Ryan Everlane tee all the time.

  • I bought the kitty pouch and love it! I use it all the time, even as a clutch with day-to-day styles :)

    • Jealous that you have the kitty pouch! If we lived closer, I’d ask to borrow it ;)

  • Jessica

    Adorable! I love the kitty pouch and those nail polishes are such pretty colors.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    • The nail polishes are so perfect for spring. I want to try them!

  • I feel like I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect striped tee for ages. Have to check out everlane.

    Chic on the Cheap