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I love finding new blogs. You know when you discover an awesome blog and you spend hours going back through all of their old posts? I love that feeling and it often inspires me work on my own blog. I thought I’d share a few new-to-me blogs that I’m loving:

1. A Touch of Teal– Katie’s blog has a little bit of everything- outfit posts, blogging tips, and my favorite, career posts. Her images are gorgeous and you get the sense that Katie is a really nice person behind the blog too.

2. That’s Just Fabulous– Faith’s blog is like a breath of fresh air. Her pictures are so light and airy and she makes me want to try all of the beauty products.

3. Jaclyn Day– Jaclyn writes about books and fashion (among other things), which are two of my favorite topics. When reading her book reviews, I can’t help but add new titles to my ‘to read’ list. She’s also really skilled at picking out great sale finds.

4. The Financial Diet– This was made for twenty-somethings like me who are trying to be more financially responsible. There are lots of great tips and it’s nice to read money advice written by people who are in the same boat.

5. C’est Christine– I discovered Christine’s blog during my severe case of wanderlust last week. She lives in Brooklyn, but also travels around the world, and her life sounds awesome.

Let me know if you have any blog recommendations down below! 

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