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// I’ve been meaning to pick up some flowers for a couple weeks now. On Wednesday, I finally swung by Trader Joe’s and picked up a bouquet of white tulips, along with two small bunches of daffodils. I may have gone a little overboard because I don’t have vases large enough to hold all the blooms that I bought. Note to self: buy a couple new vases.

// I’m ashamed to admit that I have not yet read any of Toni Morrison’s books. I did enjoy reading her profile in the New York Times though, and I’ve made it a goal of mine to read at least one of her books this year.

// Oh you fickle weather. I know I was a little premature with my bare legs on Tuesday because I was freezing. I can’t bear to put on another pair of tights though, so I really need the weather to get it together. Thankfully it’s supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny on Sunday. Crossing my fingers that that’s actually true!

// Oyster released a list of 100 best books of the decade so far and I’ve added several of them to my TBR list.

// How cute is this J. Crew factory tee? I’m pretty tempted to pick it up for spring/summer.

// Yesterday I grabbed lunch with a friend at The Grey Dog. It can get pretty crowded, but it’s a good, affordable lunch spot. I ordered the chicken tenders/fries and it really hit the spot.

// New trailers for Orange is the New Black and True Detective! I can’t wait for both of these shows to return.

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    Oh gosh, I just watched True Detective this week and I’m so obsessed! (I don’t have HBO so I’m living lightyears behind everybody else, haha.) I don’t know how the second season can possibly live up to the first! And I haven’t read any of Toni Morrison’s books either, you’re not alone. I do have Beloved, but I just haven’t had a chance to read it yet (story of my life). Have a great weekend, enjoy the (hopefully) 60 degrees!!

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      I am wondering if the second season will maintain the quality of the first season, since it’s a different cast and a different story. I’m looking forward to it.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one :) I haven’t decided which one I’m going to start with yet, but it will happen this year!

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    Yaay for white tulips and no tights!! Seriously, if we have one more chilly day here I’ll lose my mind- I’m closing the book on coats and sweaters regardless if it stays warm or not haha. That J Crew tee is SO cute, I’d love to see it with a full skirt. Ahh don’t tempt me. And I’m semi scared to open that top 100 book list. I have SO many books waiting for me on my night stand already, and I just keep adding more and more. I’m weak when it comes to that haha.

    xo marlen
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      Today was another no tights today- hooray indeed! Now if only the weather would stay this way…

      I think that tee would look so cute with a full skirt too! I’m still so tempted :)