Life & Links | 04.17.15

spring in nyc

// How tasty do these beef empanadas look? I made empanadas once for a Superbowl party a couple years ago. They were a bit labor intensive, but they were very yummy.

// The highs were above 50 degrees all week, so I’d like to thank the weather for finally cooperating. *pats on the back*

// Here are a few tips for working more efficiently. I’m all for deleting emails that I don’t need or filing them away (I’ve got folders on folders). I’m always striving for inbox zero!

// I liked these tips on getting the most out of your Sephora experience. I only recently started taking advantage of samples and such and it’s so great to be able to test something before you buy it.

// Carrie of Wish Wish Wish posted a new spring wallpaper yesterday and it is lovely.

// I wish these emojis were real because I’d get so much use out of them. In other non-news, I haven’t updated my iPhone yet so I’m still seeing aliens instead of the new emojis (lolz).

// One of my friends is visiting this weekend and I’m looking forward to catching up her.

// New arrivals at Rifle Paper Co. (yassssss) and they’re 10% off.

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  1. Naijageisha says

    Some of the emojies are grouped together. so you gotta do a long press on an emoji. Like the dance emoji, it would bring out different shades which you select
    Lovely links. I love empanadas.