The Beach House

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As I mentioned before, the Bella Beach Bridge House wasn’t our initial choice, but it ended up being the perfect one. When we arrived after a very long day of driving, we were so excited to see that the house looked even better than the pictures online. It was located in such a pretty community and was only a couple minutes walking distance from the beach.

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The house had a very cozy and relaxed vibe and I loved all of the little details. I snapped a bunch of pictures and took some mental notes for decorating my own home someday in the future. Oh, and did I mention that there was a little free library in front of the house? This house was seriously perfect for us and we may or may not have looked up local listings in the area…

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This was really my first time renting a vacation home and it was a wonderful experience. The property staff was very easy to work with when we were making our reservation. Once we arrived, the house had everything we could have needed. I would definitely stay at Bridge House again! Have you ever rented a vacation home?


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The goal of our vacation was to chill and clear our minds for a bit, so I kept my outfits really low-key. Most of what I’m wearing in this picture are pieces that I wore nonstop through the trip. I lived in my cutoffs and the cardigan was necessary for the cooler coast weather. I’m also wearing my MVS (Most Valuable Sandals) of the summer. I purchased these right before I went home and I’m so glad I brought them along. The style is simple, so it pairs well with pretty much everything. On top of that, they’re very comfortable. They were truly tested this summer as I did a lot of walking around, and I even hiked in them during this trip.

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I just had to include this shot of my lovely mom. My siblings and I were snapchatting a lot during the trip, and my parents got a kick out of watching our stories each day. My dad even had us download Snapchat on his phone. I asked him if he planned to start snapping and he said he just might! Haha, I can’t even!

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Outfit Details: SONOMA life + style cardigan (shop the brand), SONOMA life + style top, Gap denim shorts (shop denim shorts), Rose gold square aviator sunglasses c/o Aeropostale, Steve Madden Donddi sandals, Fossil Erin Satchel | Lips- L’Oreal Le Matte Lip Pen in Made for Matte | photo of me- my sister

Last Minute Vacation

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After everything that happened last month, we all really needed a change of scenery. My mom suggested road tripping to Oregon and suddenly my sister and I were planning a last minute vacation. It’s been many many years since we all took a trip together and I didn’t plan the last one, so this was my first experience organizing our family vacation. Make that two families, actually, because some family friends and their kids decided to join us!

We had a vague destination in mind (the Oregon coast) and I really wanted to try renting a place through a site like airbnb or homeaway. We had less than a week to plan this trip and as you can imagine, choices were a bit limited for a party of 10 at this late stage. Thankfully my sister and I tackled it together- we spent hours browsing, emailing, and calling potential rentals. The morning before we left, we still hadn’t booked any accommodations and we were starting to wonder if we’d have to reschedule the trip, but in the end we found a fantastic house.

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With shelter taken care of, all we had to do was pack and take off, right? When we calculated the drive from our home in California to the house in Oregon and saw that it was 14 hour drive, we thought, “that won’t be so bad…” Hahahaha <—- that’s me laughing at my naive self because 17 hours is a loooong time to spend in a car (the 14 hour estimate didn’t include stops, of course). On the day that we left, we had to get a pretty early start, so I was asleep in the car for the first few hours. The good thing is that we had five different drivers, so we could switch around when one of us got tired.

road trip, california, road trip outfit, family Dad, sister, mom

When I initially packed to go home, I was packing for summer in the desert (so temperatures in the 90s and 100s). I only brought one pair of pants, which I’m wearing in the first picture above. I definitely wanted to be comfortable in the car and those are most comfortable pants I own- I call them my pajama pants. On top, I threw on my swingy denim tee (last seen in this post) and a navy cardigan that I scored at Kohl’s for less than $3 the night before.

Even though it was a mad dash to plan and get everything ready for our last minute vacation, the trip was wonderful. It was amazing to be able to spend so much time with my family and experience a new state together (it was our first time in Oregon!). More pictures and stories from our trip to come…

Book Reviews: July 2015

book reviews, what i read, to kill a mockingbird review, go set a watchman review, i capture the castle review

First of all, I have to say thank you for all of your amazing comments on my last post. All of your heartfelt condolences and kind thoughts are truly helping me. As I mentioned, reading continues to be a much-needed escape for me, so I wanted to go through the books that I finished in July.

I-Capture I’d wanted to read this book for a while because I’ve heard so many people say good things about it. Cassandra is a young teenager living in a run-down castle in the countryside. Her family is rather eccentric and Cassandra wants to be a writer, so this novel is her “capturing” her daily life in her journal. I really enjoyed Cassandra as a character and narrator. She has excellent observational skills and her witty commentary made me chuckle more than once. I didn’t love the book as much as other people do, but I think it’s a good read and I’m glad I finally picked it up.

To-Kill Once I heard about Go Set a Watchman, I knew that I wanted to reread To Kill a Mockingbird. I hadn’t read it since 8th grade, so I was definitely due for a reread before picking up the new book. This was just as good as I remembered. Scout is a young girl growing up in the South in the 1930s. It’s a coming-of-tale and throughout the novel Scout begins to learn important lessons about race and humanity. Scout as a narrator is A+. I love how she refuses to conform into the mold of a typical young Southern lady. With rereads I often wonder if the book will hold up to my previous memories and this one definitely did.

Harry-Potter-6 I continued my quest to read the entire Harry Potter series from beginning to end. I finished book 6 last month and I also started book 7 (but didn’t finish until August). There’s not too much I can say about the plot, in case that there are people like me who haven’t read the series yet. I will say that I knew about the thing that happens at the end, but I was a bit surprised because I thought it happened in the final book (can I be any more cryptic?).

Go-Set Go Set a Watchman is only the second book I’ve ever preordered (the first was Yes Please). I was very curious about this one. It was written before TKAM, but takes place afterward. Scout is about 26 in this novel and goes back to visit her family in Maycomb, Alabama. Not much has changed in the town, but the characters aren’t entirely as we remember them. My feelings are pretty meh about this book. For me, it just wasn’t up to par with TKAM (granted, that’s a pretty high bar to reach). The writing wasn’t nearly as good and you could see that this was a draft. The story is rather jumbled and I wasn’t too pleased with the direction she took the characters in. Still, I’m glad I read this because I wanted to form my own opinion. It also doesn’t change my feelings about TKAM and perhaps if I hadn’t reread it right before picking up GSAM, there wouldn’t have been such a stark contrast.

If you ever want to know what I’m reading at the moment, I’m pretty good about updating my Goodreads. Do you use Goodreads too? What’s been your favorite read so far this summer?