Last Minute Vacation

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After everything that happened last month, we all really needed a change of scenery. My mom suggested road tripping to Oregon and suddenly my sister and I were planning a last minute vacation. It’s been many many years since we all took a trip together and I didn’t plan the last one, so this was my first experience organizing our family vacation. Make that two families, actually, because some family friends and their kids decided to join us!

We had a vague destination in mind (the Oregon coast) and I really wanted to try renting a place through a site like airbnb or homeaway. We had less than a week to plan this trip and as you can imagine, choices were a bit limited for a party of 10 at this late stage. Thankfully my sister and I tackled it together- we spent hours browsing, emailing, and calling potential rentals. The morning before we left, we still hadn’t booked any accommodations and we were starting to wonder if we’d have to reschedule the trip, but in the end we found a fantastic house.

road trip, california, carl's junior, california desert

With shelter taken care of, all we had to do was pack and take off, right? When we calculated the drive from our home in California to the house in Oregon and saw that it was 14 hour drive, we thought, “that won’t be so bad…” Hahahaha <—- that’s me laughing at my naive self because 17 hours is a loooong time to spend in a car (the 14 hour estimate didn’t include stops, of course). On the day that we left, we had to get a pretty early start, so I was asleep in the car for the first few hours. The good thing is that we had five different drivers, so we could switch around when one of us got tired.

road trip, california, road trip outfit, family Dad, sister, mom

When I initially packed to go home, I was packing for summer in the desert (so temperatures in the 90s and 100s). I only brought one pair of pants, which I’m wearing in the first picture above. I definitely wanted to be comfortable in the car and those are most comfortable pants I own- I call them my pajama pants. On top, I threw on my swingy denim tee (last seen in this post) and a navy cardigan that I scored at Kohl’s for less than $3 the night before.

Even though it was a mad dash to plan and get everything ready for our last minute vacation, the trip was wonderful. It was amazing to be able to spend so much time with my family and experience a new state together (it was our first time in Oregon!). More pictures and stories from our trip to come…