Pancake Saturdays

pancake, bacon, homemade pancakes, weekly rituals, fruit compote

When I lived alone, I used to make pancakes every Saturday. I would whip up a batch on Saturday mornings, eat my pancakes drowned in syrup (My preferred choice is Aunt Jemima. I like the fake stuff, don’t @ me!) with a cup of tea, and then have the leftovers on Sunday. I’m a person who loves routine and I loved the ritual of making pancakes on Saturdays. My go-to recipe is pretty simple and soon I had it memorized. While I waited to flip my pancakes, I’d usually scroll through my phone, or flip through a few more pages of my current read at the time.

At some point, I stopped making pancakes on the reg. Not for any particular reason, I don’t think, and definitely not because I stopped loving pancakes!

Thanks to quarantine though, the tradition of Pancake Saturdays is back. I think it started when I saw a friend making pancakes on her IG stories. I thought, “Remember when I used to make pancakes every weekend?” Now there’s a small group of us making pancakes and tagging each other when we post pics.

In a time when the days have all started to blur together (seriously, what day is it?), I have something to look forward to each week. And I’ve been branching out a little and trying out some different add-ons, including funfetti pancakes (I just added sprinkles to the batter, which automatically made them feel more festive), pancakes with a strawberry/raspberry compote, and chocolate chip pancakes. Recently a friend sent me a link for pancake cereal, so I think I might try it this weekend.

I don’t know if Pancake Saturdays will keep going after quarantine, but for now, I’m very much enjoying this weekly ritual.