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Jean Paul Gaultier The Boudoir 600x600

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, over the weekend I finally went to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. I’ve only been to the Brooklyn Museum once before and it was a while ago, before I moved to New York. The Gaultier exhibit began on October 25, 2013 and runs until February 23rd of this year, so if you live in the NYC area you still have time to go see it!

Jean Paul Gaultier Mermaids 600x600 Jean Paul Gaultier Religious Collection 600x600 Jean Paul Gaultier Mermaids Detail 600x600

The exhibit started with a timeline of his various ready-to-wear and haute couture collections, along with a more personal timeline of his life. His grandmother was a very fashionable lady and encouraged him to pursue his dreams when he was young. When he was a child, he would design clothes for his teddy bear, Nana (how adorable is that?).

Jean Paul Gaultier Tribute to Africa 600x600 Jean Paul Gaultier Buttons 600x600

The rest of the exhibit was comprised of a mixture of outfits from his collections, original fashion illustrations, and photographs of famous models and celebrities wearing his clothes. It included pieces that have been worn by Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue, Marion Cotillard, and of course, Madonna.

Jean Paul Gaultier Corset 600x600 Jean Paul Gaultier Punk 600x600

It was amazing to be able to see his work up close- there were so many different textures, patterns and materials. Nothing was behind glass and I found myself really leaning in to appreciate all of the details that went into each garment. Some of the museum placards revealed how many hours went into creating a particular ensemble. The highest number I saw was 1,060 hours for a stunning beaded leopard dress. The picture below seriously does not do it justice!

Jean Paul Gaultier Beaded Leopard Dress 600x600

It’s so hard to choose favorites, but there were a few beautiful lace and beaded pieces that caught my eye. I also loved a very complicated knitwear dress that was featured, along with three bodysuits depicting his interpretations of three different body systems. I don’t want to give too much away for those who might go see it, but let me just add one more note- watch the mannequins closely!

Jean Paul Gaultier Knit Dress 600x600 Jean Paul Gaultier Can Can 600x600 Jean Paul Gaultier Body Systems 600x600

Tell me: What was the last museum you visited?

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a 4x1 Daisy Buchanan The Great Gatsby 600x372 Emma Woodhouse Emma 600x372 Nancy Drew Nancy Drew Mysteries 600x372

When you’re reading a book, do you try to picture what the characters would look like? If so, then you’ll probably love this book that just came out: Well-Read Women. I think that Chronicle Books publishes some of the prettiest books and this one is no exception. It contains illustrations of 50 famous heroines from literature, including Anna Karenina, Daisy Buchanan and Nancy Drew, to name a few. All of the portraits were created by Samantha Hahn, a painter based here in NYC. This book combines two things I love, literature and art, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

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Have you guys heard of Rifle Paper Co? I’ve been a big fan of their illustrations and stationery for a while now. They recently released a line of iPhone cases and I love every single oneIf I weren’t waiting to upgrade my phone I would snatch one of these up immediately!

I stumbled across this little illustration on Pinterest and I love it. I’m still working on building the gallery wall above my bed, but I’ve also considered creating a separate collage of black-and-white images only. This print would fit in nicely there and it’s titled “Uniforme Français“- how perfect is that?

Pierre Hardy and NARS collaborated on a limited-edition makeup collection that is amazing. As always, I’m drawn to the nail polishes. The first set would be great for a dark, edgy manicure and the second set is absolutely spot-on for spring.

Statement necklaces are my go-to choice for making a casual outfit a little more dressy or for making tired old clothes seem a little fresher. I love the colors in this JewelMint necklace- so pretty and feminine.

Tell me: Which is your favorite?

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all images via Today is Going to be Awesome- The blog of artist Lisa Congdon

I can’t remember how I stumbled onto Lisa‘s blog, but I’m so glad I did because I love her work.  The images above are taken from her 365 Days of Hand Lettering Project. Beginning on January 1, 2012, she posted a different sample of her hand-lettering each day on her blog. She says that originally she started the project to get better at calligraphy, but over the year it evolved and she started to post hand-lettered quotes along with illustrations.

Her work will soon be available in book form, in a volume to be published by Chronicle Books. I have so many favorites among her quotes that I could barely narrow it down to these six! She also sells prints of her work in her etsy shop- I would love to add one of these to my gallery wall!

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