Christmas in Suburbia

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Hi, how’s it going? Are you surviving the wintry weather we’re having?

People back home in California always comment that I must be used to the cold after living on the East Coast for many years. Sure, I’ve made it through several winters in Connecticut and NYC, but that doesn’t mean that I enjoy having snowflakes pelting me in the face or losing all sensation in my limbs. Looking at these photos reminds me that I was warm, once upon a time (I know, I know, I’m being overdramatic).

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In all seriousness though, it was wonderful to get the chance to go home for nearly two weeks during the holidays. I was long overdue for a catch-up with friends that live in CA. I hadn’t been home since July 2016!

Ahhh, suburbia. I did miss you, a bit. I was just thinking that it’s wonderful that my siblings and I can still come home for Christmas. We haven’t yet reached that stage where people can’t make it home for Christmas for various reasons. I’m sure I will feel quite weird about if/when we do get to that point in the future.

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I tend to keep things fairly casual when I go home, because that’s the style in my hometown. Also, I spend a lot of time in the house when I go home (i.e. loungewear all dayyyy).

Boy, do I love these Rifle Paper Co. sneakers. They are both casual and dressy, with their gorgeous, metallic gold pattern. My friends know that I am obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. and want pretty much every product they make. I’ve had my eye on their sneaker collaboration with Keds for a while. I missed out on the first collection because it sold out so fast. Turns out that their second collection was even better and I’m very happy to have this pair in my wardrobe now.

Thankfully that was a shopping story with a happy ending. Do you guys have any shopping tales like that as well? Where a product you like sells out, but you’re still able to snag it, or a better version, later?

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And finally, I’ll leave you with one final picture of me being my true goofball/corny self!

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Outfit Details: Abercrombie & Fitch sweater, J. Crew Factory skirt, Rifle Paper Co Keds sneakers c/o Wikibuy, LOFT necklace | photos- my sister

Hello December

sweater weather, black jeans outfit, gray sweater outfit, h&m sweater, simple fall outfit

Well, somehow we’ve made it to the final month of 2016. The pictures in this post were actually taken in December 2015 though, but I never got around to posting them! In case you were wondering, this is what December looks like in my hometown in California.

fall foliage, fall, california fall

The weather has been fairly mild in NYC so far this season, and I’ve worn a similar version of this outfit here (with a coat). I’m trying to appreciate these days of 40/50 degree weather before it becomes bitterly cold and the first snow falls.

sweater weather, black jeans outfit, gray sweater outfit, h&m sweater, simple fall outfit

I’ve had a good start to December so far. This weekend, I celebrated my friend’s birthday in Brooklyn. She hosted a group of us over at her place and served homemade pizza, which was delicious. Yesterday I met another friend for brunch at The Wren, a place I’ve wanted to try for a while. My eyes were certainly bigger than my stomach- I ordered the bulgar wheat pancakes and rosemary home fries. Both were tasty, but I was only able to polish off some of my plate before I was too full to continue. The restaurant itself was really cute. Our coffees were delivered in mini French presses, accompanied by dainty teacups, and the front of the restaurant was covered in pine garlands, which was very festive.

sweater weather, black jeans outfit, gray sweater outfit, h&m sweater, simple fall outfit

After brunch, I popped into the Strand because I had a little time to kill. I was on my best behavior and didn’t buy anything because I have plenty of unread books on my shelf, and because I’m trying to focus on holiday gifts for other people (and less shopping for myself). I hadn’t been to the Strand in a few weeks, so it felt really nice to be there and just browse for a bit. I’m sure I’ll be returning soon because I might pick up a few gifts there, and I want the free holiday tote you receive when you spend over $50.

sweater weather, black jeans outfit, gray sweater outfit, h&m sweater, simple fall outfit

Then I hopped on the L to head over to the Whitney Museum. It was my first time ever visiting the museum (I never had a chance to go when it was uptown) and my friend was kind enough to take me in with her membership. I think the space is beautiful and the outdoor portions showcase pretty stunning views of the city. There’s a great exhibit there right now titled Human Interest: Portraits from the Whitney’s Collection. It’s all about portraiture and it’s arranged by different themes, such as self portraits and portraits without people. I really enjoyed that exhibit and I think it’s worth checking out if you have the time.

sweater weather, black jeans outfit, gray sweater outfit, h&m sweater, simple fall outfit

Outfit Details: H&M sweater, LOFT tank, American Eagle black hi-rise jeggings, Zara lace-up flats, H&M sunglasses, Fossil Erin Satchel | photos- my sister

Fall 2016 Mood

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When the seasons change, I always have the urge to clear out and revitalize my wardrobe. Now that fall has officially arrived, I’m welcoming the cooler temperatures and decreased humidity with open arms.

By the end of summer, I was pretty tired of my wardrobe. I get this feeling from time to time and I find that by just adding or rediscovering 1-2 things, I can squash the cravings back down. As I was catching up on my Feedly subscriptions a few weeks ago, I was really inspired by the mood boards that Rebecca and Ashlyn created. I also revisited the fall capsule wardrobe series that I did a couple years ago and remembered what a positive process that was.

All of this has led me to decide to put together an unofficial fall capsule wardrobe this season. I’m using the capsule wardrobe process as a guide. I really thought about which pieces I wore most frequently the last time I tried this experiment, as well as things I wanted to improve upon the next time around. Right now, I have a few items on my shopping list (either new items or replacement items), so I may write another post showing what I purchase. Last time, I wore my fall capsule wardrobe clothes from September through about March, so I’m hoping to create a really solid collection of pieces that I love that will carry me through fall and winter.

The images above are ones that inspire me and capture some element of the mood/style I’m going for this fall. As you can see, there are lots of chunky sweaters, because I think there’s nothing better than a cozy sweater when the air is crisp. I love the look of oversized sweaters paired with miniskirts and I’ve decided that thanks to my smaller frame, shorter skirts are the most flattering length on me (not too mini though!) and are what I feel most comfortable in.

It’s time to bring out the fall colors, like burgundy (my favorite color to wear in the fall). I tend to stick to the same colors every year, so I’d like to mix in a couple new colors that I don’t typically wear in the cooler months. Colors that are unexpected, or at least unexpected for me. Also, I love a simple, classic outfit that makes you look and feel effortlessly polished, so I’d like to invest in a few quality, versatile basics.

I think I buy a new pair of black boots every season or two. I’m definitely not abandoning my ankle boots, but it would be nice to have another of boots that rise above the ankle for those days when you need a bit more coverage. To finish off the outfits, I’d like a couple new coats/jackets. I’m thinking a bomber jacket for a more casual look (Although, am I cool enough to pull off a bomber jacket? The fact that I’m asking this probably means that the answer is no). And I think it’s finally time to upgrade my Target trench. I’m definitely not at Burberry levels yet, but I think I could afford a trench that looks and fits better than the one I currently have.

One thing I’ve been trying to do lately is to mentally rate my outfit every day. I think, “Did I feel good in this outfit, or was I uncomfortable all day? Did I feel polished or sloppy?” Naturally, I want to wear clothes that make me feel and look good all day, every day, so I’m trying to really hone in on the pieces that have become the real MVPs in my closet.

Now the hunt begins for the items on my list! Have you started shopping for fall, or bought anything great lately?

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