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Friends Walking in Philly Row of Flags Philadelphia Pretty Alleyway PhiladelphiaYellow House PhiladelphiaMosiac in PhiladelphiaPennsylvania 6 PhiladelphiaMural Philadelphia City Hall Philadelphia I had many more miscellaneous pictures that didn’t fit with my other two Philly posts, so I tried to narrow it down to a few of my favorites here. You already know that we had hot donuts + fried chicken that Saturday morning and then we walked around Center City for a bit. It was a gorgeous day out and we popped into several cute shops, including a stationery store called Paper on Pine, where I tried not to buy everything in sight.

Relaxing on a Bench Boulevard in Philadelphia Friends Philly After wandering around for a bit, we went to 30th Street Station to pick up some more friends who were arriving. From there we went back to my friend’s house and prepared for her birthday party later that same night. On Sunday morning we got up for round two of the celebrations- a birthday brunch at a family friend’s house.

Brunch Spread Birthday Cakes Mimosas Brunch I’ve been to this house once before and it’s so fabulous. Our hostess is an elderly lady with an eclectic sense of style who’s collected various works of art and displayed them all around her home. She prepared a delightful spread for us and we ended the afternoon by cutting the three (!!) cakes for the birthday girl. By then it was time for us to head back to NYC, so we said our goodbyes and drove to the bus stop. See you soon Philly!

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Federal Donuts Philadelphia Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a major sweet tooth. When my friend suggested that we have hot donuts and fried chicken for breakfast on our first morning in Philly, you should have seen my eyes light up.

Friends Laughing Bright Winter Coats So we hopped in the car and drove to Federal Donuts. Can I just say- this place is awesome! First of all, when I say hot donuts, I mean piping hot, fresh out of the oven, delicious donuts. We tried a few different flavors- lavender vanilla, spiced, and cinnamon sugar- and they were all scrumptious. They also have glazed options that I’ll have to go back and try next time.

Cinnamon Donut Federal Donuts Philly The people at this store are so friendly and threw in an extra donut with our order. Before our chicken was even ready, we’d pretty much demolished those donuts.

Oh boy, that chicken. You can order different dry rubs or glazes with your chicken, so we decided to try the coconut curry rub with the honey ginger glaze. It was good, really really good. One of my friends said it may be the best fried chicken she’s ever eaten. Federal Donuts- you had me at “donuts and chicken.” See you next time I’m in Philly!

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Casual Weekend Outfit Philly Why does the weekend always pass by in a flash? Just like that, my little getaway to Philly is over and I’m back in New York. It was a gorgeous day out on Saturday and I was happy to walk along the streets of Philly with the sun shining on my face and my coat flapping in the breeze.

30th Street Philadelphia 30th Street Station Philadelphia Since it was so lovely out, we meandered around Center City for a bit before we headed over to 30th Street Station to pick up a few more friends that we were arriving for the birthday bash.

30th Street Station Wooden Bench Even though my eyes are closed in the picture above, I wanted to show off these cool benches that were installed right in front of the station. I saw one girl doing a bit of sketching, while others were just sitting and enjoying the sun like us. If I lived in Philly I could imagine spending more sunny afternoons on these benches. Check back later in the week for more pictures from my trip!

Outfit Details: Cardigan and Sneakers- Forever 21 // Shirt- Brooklyn Industries (gift from friend) // Jeans- American Eagle // Beanie- Handknit by me // Lips- MAC Dark Side // photos of me- my friend Liza

San Carlos Mexico Beach

On my birthday, I woke up at the early hour of 8:30 am. I’d slept a grand total of two hours that morning, but for some reason I naturally woke up early. We didn’t have any plans that day and had severals hours before we had to leave the hotel, so I decided the perfect activity for me right then was to take a nap on the beach.

San Carlos Plaza Hotel Seashells Beach

Ahhh, it was so very relaxing. The weather was perfect and the sound of the waves softly crashing on the beach lulled me into a dreamy, sleep-like state. There were a couple of vendors walking back and forth across the beach and one of them was selling coconuts. With a little salt and lime sprinkled on top, the coconut was a perfect little snack for the beach.

Coconut San Carlos Sonora Mexico

After a few hours of lounging on the beach, the whole group decided to rally and walk to a restaurant at a nearby hotel. From the beach, we could see the hotel off in the distance and we slowly made our way towards it. Along the way, I saw this flock of birds hovering in the air. The interesting thing was that they were all in formation, but hovering together only a few feet off the ground. I’d never seen anything like it before!

Retire in Mexico Long Walks on the Beach

Lunch was a simple, but delicious meal of fish tacos. After lunch, it was time for my group to say our goodbyes to the rest of people who were staying and head back to the airport. Of course I was really sad to go, but we decided that we must go back for a longer visit someday in the near future.

Plane Mexico

Thank you for following along with my Mexico trip! In case you missed it, here are parts 1 and 2 from last week.