Who can join? Anyone! Bloggers, non-bloggers, all are welcome!

How do I sign up? Use the handy dandy form above, or click this link!  Soon after I will add you our new Google Community!

How does it work? After you’ve been added to the Google Community, you’ll see a list of all the current members of the group.  Each entry will list the member’s name, email, blog, interests and location. If you are interested in corresponding with a particular person, you can shoot that person and email and see if they are still accepting partners. Once you’ve both agreed to write to each other, you can then exchange addresses. 

This method is very flexible- you can have one writing partner or multiple writing partners- it’s your choice! Also, you no longer need to wait until the end of the month for a new partner. Once you’re in the group, you can request to partner up with anyone at anytime.  If you reach your maximum number of writing partners, you can send me an email and I’ll indicate on the members document that you’ve reached capacity.

When do I need to send my letter? There are no longer hard and fast deadlines for when you need to send a letter.  Once you’ve settled on a new partner, you can decide which one of you will write first. Then the other person will write and the exchange of letters will go back and forth for as long as you want to continue corresponding with each other.

Will there still be a monthly theme? Yes, each month I will continue to post the montly theme in the Google Community along with a few writing prompts that fit within the theme. As always, participation in the theme is optional- you can write about whatever you want and the theme is just there in case you’re stuck for ideas on what to write about.

What should I send with my letter? That’s up to you and your partner! You can both agree that you’ll send each other little gifts along with your letters, or you can both agree to send letters only.

If you do decide to send gifts, you can follow our previous gift guidelines: the gift should cost $5 or less- something you think would brighten your pen pal’s day.  However, the gift does not have to cost any money (for example, it could be handmade) and it doesn’t have to be large (doesn’t need to be bigger than a standard envelope).

When do I take a picture of my letter? Take a picture of your letter before you send it. Then you can email, tweet, or instagram it to me (@starcrossedsmil, #CClub). If you tweet or instagram it, I’ll make sure to share it and if you don’t get any sort of response from me within 1-2 days, please send your picture again (it probably means I didn’t receive it).

What do you do with the pictures? At the end of each month I do a round-up post and create a slideshow of everyone’s pictures of letters sent that month (click the CClub tab at the top of this page for examples). I also try to share posts that people have written about the Correspondence Club as well, so if you write about the CClub, email or tweet me the link to your post!

What if I don’t have a Google + account, can I still join the community? do I need to send my letter? At this time Google won’t allow me to add you to the community if you don’t have Google +. If you don’t want to create a Google + account, I can email you the new list of members and monthly prompt instead- just let me know!

What happens if I can no longer participate in the Correspondence Club? No problem, I know that we all lead busy lives.  Just send me an email to let me know that you would like to be removed from the group and I’ll also remove your name from the member list.

If your question isn’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to send me an email and I’ll do my best to answer it promptly!