leather shorts outfit

We’re in that transitional time of year where one day it will be in the high 70s and the next it will barely crack 60 degrees. This particular day started off rather warm- warm enough for me to wear these faux leather shorts.

I searched high and low for these faux leather shorts. When they first came out a few years ago, they were a pretty popular item and I saw them popping up on style blogs left and right. By the time I decided I wanted them, they were sold out everywhere. I kept checking the website to see if they would bring them back and I went to a few different stores, but no luck. I also told my sister to keep an eye out for them in California.

fall nails

A few months passed by and one day she texted me to say she’d spotted two pairs of the shorts in a Forever 21 near her. They had one size medium and I told her to grab them and go straight to the register. She put them in the mail to me soon after and I wasn’t sure they’d fit, but happily they did. I couldn’t believe my luck!

I’ve had these shorts for years now and I still love to wear them. If it’s not swelteringly hot in the summer, I’ll pull them on and bare my legs. I also like to wear them with tights and boots during the colder months.

fall transition outfit ideas

Outfit Details: Gap cardigan, Gap tee, Forever 21 faux leather shorts, H&M sneakers, Gorjana-Griffin necklace | photos of me- my sister

Tell me: Do you have any items in your closet that you had to search high and low for?

Yesterday my sister got on a plane and headed back to California. It was really nice to have her here visiting for the past two weeks. Just like last year, I wanted to do a recap of all the things we did while she was in town!

SEPT 24 pink sunset nyc

On Wednesday we… went shopping in Soho (I’d waited to do my fall capsule wardrobe shopping so we could go together) | ate burgers at Soho Park | saw the prettiest sunset.

SEPT 25 houston street

On Thursday we… went back to Soho because I had my eye on these Topshop boots | did some shopping around Union Square | drank Jamba Juice (I haven’t had one in ages!) | met my roommate for dinner at Ichabod’s.

SEPT 26 Dance and Fashion Exhibit

On Friday we… went to the Dance & Fashion Exhibit at FIT (which was really cool, I might do a separate post on that) | did some shopping around Herald Square (more shopping, I know) | had Mexican food for dinner at Mercadito | grabbed drinks at a relatively new place called Camp David.

SEPT 27 apple pie 600x600

On Saturday we… went to Smorgasburg | made apple pies (apple pie is my favorite and it’s become a yearly tradition when my sister visits me) | watched My Fair Lady. I haven’t seen that movie since I was a kid and it was pretty fun to rewatch it.

SEPT 28 view of brooklyn 600x600

On Sunday we… went to Atlantic Antic in Brooklyn and hung out with some of my friends.

SEPT 29 the high line

On Monday we… ran some errands around Union Square | strolled through Chelsea Market | walked the entire length of the High Line back and forth (the High Line is one of my favorite spots and it was so exciting to see the new part that they recently finished constructing) | went to Sephora because I was on the hunt for some new fall lipsticks.

SEPT 30 broadway show 600x600

On Tuesday we… took the train downtown to meet my roomie for lunch, which we ate on the Elevated Acre | walked around South Street Seaport | did some more shopping, including a brief visit to the Container Store (apparently that was one of my sister’s favorite things this trip!) | saw A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder, which was quite funny.

OCT 1 OCT 4 white bedding 600x600

On Thursday I had to return to work and the weather was kind of crappy, so we didn’t do too much these days. It worked out fine though because my sister had work for her MCAT prep course and we had plenty of time to watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I’d say that’s time well spent!

OCT 5 brooklyn bridge

On Sunday we… walked the Brooklyn Bridge (something I’ve always wanted to do) | had brunch at a cute little French place called Jules Bistro | took the train up to the Conservatory Garden, which was so lovely and peaceful | walked along Central Park, all the way from 105th Street to 59th street | stopped at Ladurée for macarons | stumbled on to Albertine, the fanciest French bookstore | popped into the Strand Bookstore so that I could pick up a new book.

OCT 6 n and n in nyc

On Monday we went to a comedy show at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre in the East Village (it was funnier than I thought it would be!) and stopped by Cafe Rakka on our way home because my sister had a craving for baklava.

On Tuesday she hopped on a plane and headed back to California. I always enjoy having my sister visit and I’m really glad we were able to make it happen again this year. I still have lots more pictures to share, so look out for those posts over the next couple of weeks!


Fall Capsule Wardrobe Sneak Peek

It’s been a little while since my last capsule wardrobe update so I thought I’d show you guys a few of the things I’ve bought so far. There were certain items on my list that I’d seen online and wanted to check out in stores, many of which I did not end up purchasing. In most of those cases, the fit wasn’t what I wanted it to be or I didn’t like it as much in person. I did get the four items above though and I’m pretty excited about them.

Madewell maison des a.r.t.s. sweatshirt // Old Navy Plaid Flannel Boyfriend Shirt
Joe Fresh Striped Ribbed Knit Tee // Topshop Advent Chelsea Boots

Here’s what’s left on my list:

– burgundy sweater (I think I’ve settled on a pullover style that’s cropped.)

– black v-neck cardigan (Just a basic cardigan with long sleeves that hits me at the waist. The options I’ve checked out so far have been too long or too scratchy.)

– gray v-neck cardigan (same as above)

– black pleated skirt (Still not entirely sure what shape I’m going for yet, but I was thinking possibly a wrap skirt.)

– gray skirt (Again, not set on the shape yet, but I want it to be different from whichever black skirt I get.)

– solid gray dress (Something basic that I can style several ways. I’m considering this dress from LOFT.)

I’ve seen some options for the items above, but they weren’t exactly what I was looking for, so I’m still on the hunt. I am being pretty picky, but I think that makes sense because I will be wearing these same clothes for three months.

Tell me: Have you bought any fall clothes or accessories recently?


What I Read September 2014

The Silkworm

About- A famous author disappears and detective Cormoran Strike is hired to investigate his disappearance.

Why I picked it- It’s the second novel in this series.

Grade B+ I enjoyed this book. I liked The Cuckoo’s Calling and I was looking forward to further character development in this novel. In particular, I wanted to learn more about Robin, Cormoran’s assistant, and I felt that that did happen in this second novel. This mystery involves certain aspects of the publishing industry and since publishing is my day job, I had an extra connection with those bits.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

About- Harry’s 5th year at school and his continuous battle to defeat Lord Voldemort.

Why I picked it- I’m reading the series from start to finish.

Grade B It took a little while for me to get into this one, which hasn’t happened for any of the other books in the series. I thought that the first half or so was a bit slow and Harry is just so whiny for most of this book. However, it definitely picks up and the action in the last chunk of the book did not disappoint. I’m glad I decided to slow down on my pace of reading through the series, but now I’ve only got two books left!

Go Ask Alice

About- The “diary” of a teenage girl who becomes a drug addict.

Why I picked it- I was working on a video project for Banned Books Week.

Grade D The main word I’d use to describe this book is bizarre. It claims to be the diary of a young girl, but it later came to light that it was a completely fictionalized account written by a woman named Beatrice Sparks. It appears that it was written to scare kids off drugs, but I can’t imagine that it was very effective. The whole time I was reading it I felt that something was off, and as soon as I finished it, I had to look up some background information. I did not think it was well-written (which I may have been able to excuse if it was actually a diary).

A Paris Apartment

About- An apartment full of antique furniture is discovered in Paris and a Sotheby’s auctioneer named April is sent to evaluate their worth.

Why I picked it- The cover definitely had something to do with it. Plus, after Go Ask Alice I really wanted something light and more straightforward.

Grade C+ The narrative in this book is split between April in the present day and a character named Marthe who lived in Paris during the Belle Epoque. Marthe is the woman who owned the apartment and all of the furniture in it and April discovers Marthe’s journals as she’s sorting through the antiques. I enjoyed Marthe’s story, but I didn’t find April to be a very compelling character. I almost wish the entire book had been about Marthe. Overall, I thought this book was ok, but the fact that it’s set in Paris is definitely a plus.

And Then There Were None

About- Ten people are invited to vacation on an island and then they all start dying one by one…

Why I picked it- This book is on my list of top 10 classics I want to read or reread.

Grade A I read this book back in junior high and it started me on a huge Agatha Christie kick. I wanted to reread it because I couldn’t quite remember the story, but I do remember that I loved it. I thought maybe it would come back to me as I was reading it and that I’d remember who the murderer is, but nope- it felt like a totally new reading experience. This was a quick read and it was fun to try to figure out the mystery. I think I’ll be reading more Agatha Christie next month because mysteries are very Halloween-appropriate.

Tell me: What’s the best book that you’ve read recently?

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