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Handmade Holidays: Sponsor Edition

Handmade Holidays

For this edition of Handmade Holidays, I wanted to highlight my lovely November Sponsors: Cat of BrideBlu and Fatima of Flowers From Fatima!  These ladies are so sweet and make absolutely gorgeous jewelry and hair accessories!  You should definitely check out my picks below and their etsy shops- any of these pieces would make a beautiful handmade gift for a special woman in your life =)

(Images from their etsy shops- click pictures for links!)

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who are celebrating!  Also, don’t forget to check back on Friday for a special Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount code to my etsy shop!

Handmade Holidays: Stationery

Handmade Holidays

Welcome to the first post in my new Handmade Holidays series! In these posts, I’ll be putting together some of my ideas/selections to hopefully inspire you during the holiday season. As I mentioned in this post, I’m making a conscious effort to shop handmade as much as possible this year, so those are mostly the type of items I’ll be showing you all. To start off, it’s not too early to be thinking about your holiday greeting cards!

Top: Keep Calm and Jingle On // Christmas Tree Mod
Bottom: Baby It’s Cold Outside Postcards // Twitter Holiday Cards

Top: Christmas Cards- Falling Stars // Holiday Cards- Snowfall
Bottom: Letterpress Holiday Cupcake Cards // Happy Holidays Eco-Friendly Greetings

Even if I don’t have the funds to buy presents for as many people as I want to, I can at least send them cards to let them know that I’m thinking of them! It’s so nice to receive a note in the mail and these handmade cards will make the note even more special :)

  1. Keep Calm and Jingle On: A cute twist on the popular phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On.”
  2. Christmas Tree Mod: The design of the Christmas tree on these cards reminds me of stained glass- lovely!
  3. Baby It’s Cold Outside Postcards: The title of one of my favorite holiday songs, paired with a cute illustration of a girl and her puppy.
  4. Twitter Holiday Cards: This design was totally made for all us blogger geeks out there- so cute!
  5. Christmas Cards- Falling Stars: I love the dainty falling stars in this pretty design.
  6. Holiday Cards- Snowfall: Beautiful snowflakes (in my mind, they’re the holiday version of stars :).
  7. Letterpress Holiday Cupcake Cards: This reminds me of another wonderful thing about the holidays- all of the sweet treats!
  8. Happy Holidays Eco-Friendly Greetings: A simple and classic design.

Holiday Tip #1: Start writing your holiday cards now (or at least making a list of who you want to send them to)! My family always waits until the last minute and let me tell you, it is chaos trying to send out a 100+ cards to people on Dec. 23rd! It takes time to write a note in the card and address it and you may find that you need to update some outdated mailing addresses. Save yourself some stress and start early! Plus, if you start early and forget some people on your initial list, you’ll still have time to send out a spiffy card to them! =)

Tell me: Which set above is your favorite? Also, feel free to share any of your holiday card tips in the comments below! =)

A Great Many Happenings Lately

blogger secret santa

Hola friends! With all the little changes happening around here and the busyness of this season, I thought it would be a good idea do a bit of a round-up about what I’ve been up to lately, for my sake and yours! :)

New in the mail:
– My Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchases finally came!  I ordered these boots from Macy’s and this dress and a pair of loafers from Lulu’s.  Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing these things on the blog soon I hope :)  I also got a sweet little package from Laura containing a recipe, awesome Christmas mix CD (which takes me back, I love it!), and a bag of tasty tea!  Thanks again Laura :)

New on the blog:
– I made some small changes around the blog a while back but I never officially announced them!  As you can see, I switched to a three-column layout and in the right sidebar you’ll now find links to my lovely sponsors, Flowers From Fatima and BrideBlu Jewelry!  You should definitely check out these ladies’ shops because they sell beautiful merchandise :)  I also add a tab in the navigation bar and a mini visual in the right sidebar so you have easy access to my etsy shopYou have until December 16th to place an order for delivery by Christmas in the domestic U.S., so you better get to shopping! :)
– There have been a few new features on the blog: Around Nnenna’s Nest gives you a little peek into my home, On Nnenna’s Nails shows my weekly manicures, and Handmade Holidays is my series of gift guides for the holidays showcasing Etsy sellers only.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out this features yet, now’s the time!

New in the blogosphere:
In case you hadn’t heard, Google will be shutting down Google Friend Connect in the near feature and I just don’t want to lose you guys!  There are several ways to stay connected to my blog: you can follow me on Bloglovin’, subscribe to my RSS Feed, or follow me on Google+ where I share all of my favorite finds on the web.  There’s also Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!  I would so appreciate it if you could follow me on one of these other platforms! :)

Pin of the Week:

–  I found this cute DIY on Pinterest this week which I think will definitely come in handy as the gift wrapping begins!  To see more of my findings, check me out on Pinterest!

Tweet of the Week:

Emily and Mayra totally made my week with this tweet!  Thank you again Emily for the RT and Mayra for being my 5th sale on Etsy! :)

Current Discount:
– I’m sure you guys have heard about JewelMint, the awesome jewelry collection created by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter?  Well the lovely people over at JewelMint have generously offered my readers a discount: Enter ny1002 at checkout for 50% off your first month of JewelMint, courtesy of the New York MBA Team!  More to come on that later! :D

On My Reading List:
A Feast of Crows
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The Marriage Plot
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Tell me: What have you been up to lately?