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HM ring set It was inevitable. I knew I would succumb to the Fourth of July sales! When I got of the office early on Thursday, I was on the hunt for a pair of denim shorts. Those have been on my list for a while, since I gave away or donated all the pairs I used to own (they were either too short or too tight). I did score a pair of jeans shorts from Gap on double sale (final total = $14.99). I should have stopped there, but nooooo, I just had to pop into the H&M across the street. About 45 minutes later, I walked out with all the rings you see above! I’d wanted some more delicate rings and these sets from H&M were super affordable. I also picked up a pretty golden spiked necklace from H&M, along with a lacy black tee.

gold spike necklace

Other than shop, this weekend I…

- enjoyed drinks on the rooftop at Birreria.

- had a sleepover with a friend and talked about everything from books to bearded men.

- finished the fourth Harry Potter book (so. many. feelings).

- watched Victor and Victoria with my roommate (we loved it!).

- had a few friends over and enjoyed donuts and chicken that my friend brought all the way from Federal Donuts in Philly.

- watched the fourth Harry Potter movie.

Tell me: Did you guys shop any of the sales this weekend? How was your Fourth of July?


picnic dress Sometimes I like to complain about how hot and sticky it gets here in the summer, but then you have those days when the weather is just perfection. I mentioned in my last post that I planned to go to a picnic yesterday. My roommate and I actually ended up going to two picnics. We met up with one group of friends first, then we walked over to another section of Brooklyn Bridge Park for the second picnic. There was a lot of snacks, a little bit of prosecco, and good company, which made for a lovely Sunday afternoon.

printed summer dress

Tell me: How was your weekend?

Outfit Details: Sugarlips Dress (c/o, last seen here), H&M sunglasses, Aeropostale Studded Strap Flat, photos- my roomie

P.S. Oh, and in case you noticed something different about my hair- #thebangsareback.

Picnic in the Park On Sunday I’m going to a picnic in Brooklyn Bridge Park. One of my friends is moving very soon to go to grad school, so she wanted to gather all of us one last time before she goes. I’m sad that she’s moving away, but happy for since she’s pursuing her goals.

If you’re like me and you’re subscribed to tons of shopping emails, you know that pretty much every store is having a sale right now (ok, that’s an exaggeration, but a lot of stores are). Money’s a little tight so I’m trying not to do any shopping, but how cute is this Zara dress? I need a new pair of black sandals and I like these strappy H&M sandals that mimic the straps on the dress.

I have been terrible at cooking at home for the last few months, but I like the look of this pasta salad and it would be an easy enough dish to make for a picnic. When the weather is nice I really enjoy reading outdoors. I like to bring a book to a picnic for that downtime after you’ve just stuffed your face and you’re too full to move around. I’ve been hearing lots of good buzz about The Vacationers by Emma Straub and well done to the book designers because the cover just screams ‘summer reading.’

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I may be back on Monday with a new haircut? We’ll see! 

crop top and skirt aeropostale grey crop top When my roommate told me that a candy shop had opened up near our apartment, I was beyond excited. Last weekend he stumbled onto a place called Handsome Dan’s, which had a store in Williamsburg and recently opened up a location in the East Village. He brought me back an order of their Earl Grey cotton candy which was pretty yummy, even though there was only a hint of the earl grey flavor.

I didn’t do much this weekend other than watch soccer (I’m cheering for Spain and the US), but I did venture out yesterday to visit the candy shop. The sun was out in full force so I decided to put another new crop top to the test. I like the little phrase on this one and thought it paired nicely with my black quilted mini. The fit on the tank is loose and the skirt comes up pretty high, so I felt comfortable wearing this crop top out for a bit. In keeping with the casual weekend vibe, I slipped on some silver sneakers and we headed off to the candy store.

It was hard not to load up my bag, but in the end I went with a bunch of sour straws in a variety of flavors. I also ordered a raspberry snow cone, which was the perfect way to cool off in the heat. Having this candy store nearby is pretty dangerous- I know I’m going to want to visit it all the time!

Tell me: What did you get up to this weekend? Are you watching the World Cup?

Outfit Details: Aeropostale Coffee Break Cropped Tank (c/o), Target quilted skirt, Aeropostale Metallic Slip-On Shoe (c/o), Forever 21 necklace, H&M sunglasses, lips- Maybelline Color Whisper in Berry Ready, nails- Rimmel Salon Pro in Britpop, photos- my roomie