Noted 10.

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Give a warm welcome back to “Noted,” a former series here on the blog. I decided to revive this series because I like sharing random, pretty products with you guys. The premise is simple: in each “Noted” post, I’ll share a selection of items that I think are noteworthy. Without further ado, let’s talk about the pieces that have recently caught my eye!

01. Elizabeth and James Nirvana

The white version of Nirvana has been my go-to perfume for the past few years. I also really like the black version, but at the time I was looking for a lighter scent. Now I recently found out that they’re releasing four new perfumes in the collection. The bottles are so beautiful. I can’t wait to go to Sephora and smell all of these.

02. Everlane’s $15 tees

I’m a fan of Everlane in general and I own a few of their tees. I bought them several years ago and they’ve held up really well. This summer, they released a limited edition set of tees that are $15. I love the super relaxed vibe of these tees. Plus, when it’s hot and humid in NYC, I want to wear as little clothing as possible and I certainly don’t want it to be fussy. I can picture throwing on one of these tees and a pair of jeans shorts, and being good to go.

03. Rifle Paper Co. x Keds

If I had enough money to buy every single product that Rifle Paper Co. makes, I would. I missed out on the first round of their limited edition sneaker collection with Keds, but they’re releasing a new collection next week! I saw a few of the sneak peek images on their Instagram page, and there’s a pair of golden sneakers that must be mine. Also, they’re running a giveaway for the new collection (enter here)

04. Realisation Par Dress

I think I first spotted this dress on another blogger and I had to know where it came from. It’s covered in dainty stars (so it’s practically made for me) and I love the flirty, feminine feel. Of course, this dress led me to start browsing through the Realisation Par site and pinning items left and right. I’m on a strict spending ban right now, but hopefully one day soon and I can save up enough for one of their pretty dresses.

05. Obvious State Literary Postcard Set

I still love snail mail, although I haven’t sent as much of it this year as I’d like to. Obvious State makes beautiful, literary-themed products and recently released new postcard collections. I have my eye on the ‘Literary Paris’ set (visiting Paris recently renewed my obsession with all things French). I think sending a few postcards just because could be a great way to ease back into sending snail mail.

06. SZA, Ctrl 

I’ve been obsessed with this album ever since it was released. I played it on repeat for the first two weeks and even now, I’m listening to the album at least once a day. I love how vulnerable and honest Sza is when she sings. It just seems like she gets me and I don’t think I’m the only one that feels that way.

07. West Elm Pink Coasters 

Ughhh, these coasters are too pretty! The girly girl in me is definitely squealing in delight over this pink and gold combo. I’ve lived in my current apartment for over a year, but still haven’t purchased coasters, so let’s say that these pink ones are now officially on my wish list.

08. Appointed Notebooks

This should be unsurprising if you know me or having been reading my blog for a while, but I love stationery. Like, a lot. A pretty notebook is my kryptonite. I was very grateful when the journaling habit I’d been trying to develop since I was a kid finally kicked in, because it meant that I got to dip into the stash of notebooks I’d collected over the years. Plus I have a frequently recurring excuse to buy new notebooks (score).

This time, I need a new notebook for work and I started to look at Appointed’s line of stationery. I love how simple their designs are, along with the colors that they offer. I plan to see if any local retailers stock their products so I can check them out in person.

(top image by Patrick Tomasso via Unsplash // Sza album cover image via)


Noted 09.

kate spade saturday west elm, kate spade saturday for west elm, everlane, everlane striped tees, kitty pouch, j. crew kitty pouch, crazy cat lady, formula x, formula x sheer strength

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while! In this series, I round up a few things that have caught my eye during my nightly sessions browsing the web. Usually these don’t fit into one nice, neat category, but I like to share these finds with you from time to time. Today we have…

– the Kate Spade Saturday and West Elm collaboration. This seems like a perfect marriage to me. Kate Spade Saturday has the best prints and they translate really well into home decor. My favorite print from the collection is the one pictured above- it’s so bright and cheerful.

Everlane’s striped tees. I own a couple Everlane tees and they’re both great. They’re quite soft and they’ve held up well through many washes. I really like Everlane and what the company stands for. I think I’ll be able to lift my self-imposed spending ban soon and there are several Everlane pieces that I have my eye on. I particularly love the look of this striped shirt. I already have several striped tees, but I love the effortlessness of this one. I know the quality of Everlane tees is great and I know that if I bought this tee, I would live in it.

– this kitty pouch from J. Crew. Crazy cat ladies unite. This pouch is so cute. Definitely not something I need, but I think I would make a cute makeup bag or something like that. I’m watching this and if it goes on sale, I might have to get it.

– the Sephora Formula X Sheer Strength nail polishes. I currently own one Formula X polish and I like it. The color is gorgeous, but the formula is a bit thicker than what I normally like. Recently I saw these sheer strength nail polishes. Usually I want my nail polish color to stand out, but I like the idea of these sheer colors that also act as nail strengtheners. I think it might be good when I want to give my nails a bit of a break, but I don’t want to leave them bare. If you’ve tried any of the Formula X polishes, let me know what you think of them (image via).