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On Nnenna's Nails 30- Jelly Belly

Pink- Zoya Paloma // Glitter- Wet N Wild Party of Five Glitters

I was really excited to try the jelly nail polishes when they finally arrived in my mailbox! They are very sheer so the opacity depends on how many layers that you want to do. The best part about them is that you can sandwich other nail polish colors in-between two jelly layers and it looks like a completely different polish. For this manicure, I did two coats of the pink, then two coats of the glitter (I couldn’t get enough glitter on the first coat), then one more coat of the pink. Next time I might try also try a finer glitter for the in-between layer.

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On Saturday I was invited to go backstage and view the preparations for the Rafael Cennamo’s Fall/Winter 2013 presentation. I really liked his collection last season, so I was excited to get a behind-the-scenes peek this time around. Take a look at some snapshots I took below!

Backstage at Rafael Cennamo Fall/Winter 2013 4

Backstage at Rafael Cennamo Fall/Winter 2013 8

Backstage at Rafael Cennamo Fall/Winter 2013 7

Backstage at Rafael Cennamo Fall/Winter 2013 6

Backstage at Rafael Cennamo Fall/Winter 2013 5

Backstage at Rafael Cennamo Fall/Winter 2013 3

Backstage at Rafael Cennamo Fall/Winter 2013 1

Rafael Cennamo Nails by Zoya

(last image by Zoya via their facebook page)

Makeup by Bobbi Brown // Nails by Zoya // Hair by Aveda with Rowenta Beauty tools

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On Nnenna's Nails #27- Valentine's Day Collage

Gold- Nails Inc. Lanesborough Place // Pink- Zoya Madison
Red- Julep Catherine // Gold Metallic Sharpie

Using a gold metallic sharpie as a nail art tool is pure genius if you ask me! After seeing this manicure on Pinterest, I knew I had to try this trick out for myself. I used the sharpie two different ways- to draw hearts in the look on the left and to add gold tips for the look on the right. The consistency of the sharpie is so close to my gold nail polish- you can’t really tell that I drew the details on later!

If you’re going to use the sharpie, it’s best to wait until your nails are fully and completely dry, otherwise the tip will dig into your polish. Once your nails are dry, draw on any design you want with the sharpie.  Then wait for the sharpie to dry, add a top coat (try not to let the brush touch your design) and you’re all done! To see the first manicure in motion, take a look at the little video I made and if you’re looking for more manicure inspiration, you should check out my pinterest board!

Tell me: What have you been wearing on your nails lately?

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Yellow* Zoya Creamy

This bold yellow color is the second color that I picked during Zoya Nail Polish’s 2012 promotion.  Honestly, I thought it was going to be a much softer, paler yellow, but I definitely like this shade too.  I got several compliments on this color, even from a couple of guys, so I guess it’s a standout color! :)

 Shimmery Magenta* Essie It’s Genius

Last week, I won this pretty Essie polish from Jenmarie’s giveaway- how awesome is that?!  The magenta is lovely on it’s own, but made even prettier but the subtle gold flecks running through it.  This is my first official Essie polish!  I’ve bought it as a gift for other people and I usually choose Essie on the rare occasions that I get my nails professionally done, but hadn’t yet bought a bottle for myself.  I already knew I loved Essie and now that I’ve got my first bottle, it’s going to be tough not to go on an Essie streak… ;)

P.S. Details about the Correspondence Club will be on the blog tomorrow- don’t forget to check back! :)

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