España- My Second Home

España- My Second Home 1

Since this is my last night in Madrid, I figured it was appropriate to dedicate today’s post to the good times I’ve had this summer in Madrid.  It has been great catching up with old friends from last year and making new ones. I started out the summer with an amazing concert (Rock in Rio Madrid 2010, see pictures below), spent a lot of time eating tapas and going to discotecas, was here for the entire World Cup (¡campeones, ooooo eeeee!), learned a lot at an interesting internship, and I’m going to wrap up my time in Spain by visiting my Soria family. I would definitely have to say that this was another amazing summer in Spain. I’ve already talked to my best friend about this, but I am seriously considering looking for work here after I graduate. I can just really see myself living here on a day-to-day basis. I’m excited to be going to London to see my family, but I’m really going to miss Madrid and I’m already looking forward to my next trip here. In the words of Shakira, te dejo Madrid (but only for a little while)!

Rock in Rio Madrid
Rock in Rio Madrid
Rihanna at Rock in Rio Madrid
Shakira at Rock in Rio MadridRock in Rio Madrid
World Cup
International Bulldogs
World Cup
Dahlia and I
In the Metro
World Cup

Packing a Summer Away

Sorry, today’s post is going to to brief again because I have to pack up all my stuff today.  I don´t leave Spain for a few more days, but I am traveling to visit some family friends in the north of Spain and I´m leaving my huge suitcases with a friend in Madrid. So, things to accomplish today- pack up all my things and buy souvenirs for my London family. Then I can write a proper post tomorrow.


Spanish Style 1

Two people now have asked me if I bought this dress in Spain, and a few of my Spanish co-workers complimented me on it today, so I figured it might as well be my first outfit post. Please excuse the weird poses- clearly, I have no idea what I’m doing :D Ahh, and my hair is a mess (I so badly need to get it done!), so please ignore it!

Dress: Forever 21