The List is Still Intact

I can already tell this is going to be one of those posts where I just ramble on and on. This weekend, I totally meant to accomplish a ton of things. I wrote a long list on Friday at work and was ready to conquer them all. The problem is, when I’m at work, I can’t wait to be at home doing random stuff on my list, but when I’m at home, all I want to do is nothing.

Hence (hehe, I really like that word), nothing was accomplished. For example, I wanted to do another travel post and my first knitting post (it’s long overdue) but it didn’t happen. I wanted to get a lot further on my current knitting project, but it didn’t happen. I meant to call, email, text several people. Didn’t happen. Well, tomorrow’s another day, right?

One of my closest friends wrote on my fbook wall today saying that he missed me, which actually made me quite sad, because I’m used to seeing him everyday. And then I thought about how it’s going to be this year at college, since he recently graduated and moved to NYC, and it just won’t be the same.

I’ve decided that my wardrobe sucks. I think I dress like too much of a little girl, or maybe, tween is more appropriate, and I need to move up to the big leagues. So, when I get back to the States, I plan to make some changes, including giving away a lot of stuff and starting fresh with a new, more mature eye. I’ll really think about pieces I buy, and I want them to be interesting and different, not just my usual basic, blah, ho-hum trap that I often fall into. I’m going to mix it up, expand my horizons (this means not just buying stuff from forever 21), and get more creative.

Ahh, I just put pepper in my mouth. That was not smart. Maybe I’ll still squeeze in a new travel post…

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