Deck the Halls | 2020 Holiday Decorations

For the first time ever, I’m going to be spending Christmas in New York. Normally I would fly to CA in December and spend a couple weeks at home, but that’s not happening this year for obvious reasons!

Which means my bf and I will be spending our first Christmas together + our first Christmas in New York, and I’m kind of excited about that, despite everything.

Once we made the decision not to travel home for the holidays, I also decided that I was going to really go for it in terms of Christmas decorations. I ordered a bunch of stuff from Target and a few weeks ago we went and picked out our tree at a local garden shop. This is only my second time having a real tree (the smell is heavenly) and my first time having a real tree of this size. It feels like a proper adult tree!

I’ll take joy where I can get it in this wildly unpredictable year and my holiday decorations are bringing me so much joy right now. They make our apartment feel so warm and cozy. Even though Christmas is going to look pretty different this year since we won’t be seeing our families, I feel like we’ll still have a good Christmas.

Have you already decorated your home for the holidays?

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