Rain Rain, Go Away

Rainy and gross today- I just want to curl up under a blanket with a good book.  The perfect remedy for yuckiness outside is homemade fudge inside- yumm!!  I got this recipe from a blog that I like to read, Redvines For Breakfast.  Super easy and delicious!  Also, the one good thing about rain is that I get to wear my new(ish) trench and cute rainboots.  Do you guys have a pair of rainboots that you love?

cardigan, tank, pants- forever 21, Kamik rainboots- endless.com



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  1. Branislava says

    Love the color of the sweater and trench coat!:)
    Thank you for visiting and lovely comment!
    I am among your follwers!
    I'll be glad to see you among mine!
    All the best!:)

  2. Keeping up with Kristy!!! says

    Love the trench from target, have to go get me one and I cant wait to get my Hunter wellis!!!
    btw love to blog too,

    you can follow me at
    i'll follow urs as well

  3. lady_flower123 says

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    Competition concerns Rihanna's outfit.
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