On Nnenna’s Needles #4

First, a little housekeeping: You may have noticed that I didn’t post anything on Sunday and Monday this week and the reason is that I didn’t have any quality photos to share.  I like documenting my outfits and knowing what I wore, so I’ve been taking pictures and posting them even though the quality was not superb.  Well, I’m trying to improve that and post better-quality photos, so no outfit posts if I don’t have good pictures (I’m not talking professional level here, I mean, I know next-to-nothing about photography, I just want to avoid any more pictures with a lot of glare or blurriness. That sort of thing.)  I’ll just recreate the outfits that didn’t get photographed, hopefully with the help of a new little toy that should be arriving in the mail soon!  Anyways, on to the good stuff!

Summer Breeze
I do not remember why my face is cut off in these pictures,
maybe I had a huge zit or something?!

I made this tank top last Spring in one of my favorite colors to wear, burgundy.  Since it’s pretty much see-through, I always wear something underneath, but I can also see it over a bathing suit on the beach– I can’t wait for that to turn into reality!  Seriously, I’m over this snow business, I’d really like it to be warm!  Even though I’ve spent four winters over here, I’m a California girl through and through!  Which brings me to my next item of business…

Questions! Here’s what some of you wanted to know:
1. Ashley asked- Where are you from? I was born in Bakersfield, California, moved around a bunch (including Lompoc, CA, Houston, TX, Grand Blanc, MI, and then back to Bakersfield, CA), but now currently living in New Haven, CT where I go to school.
2. Laura asked- What is your major at school? I am an International Studies/Spanish double major, which is cool because I get to study in several different areas and learn about different countries, but focus on what I’m most interested in.
3. Laura also asked- If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be? This is tough, I’m a terrible at naming my favorite book, or song, or that sort of thing, but, if I had to choose, I might say (see, even then I’m not committing!) Singing in the Rain because it was one of the first classic movies I watched and lead me to discover that I love old movies, especially musicals!
Now, some random facts:
4. I had never seen a show on Broadway until this past weekend, but since Saturday, I’ve seen two- Chicago and Wicked!  Chicago was good, but Wicked was a large-scale production and it really was amazing! Have any of you seen a Broadway show?
5. I’m the oldest child and I have three younger siblings- one sister (17) and two brothers (14 & 10).
6. I’m fairly short (5’3″), but people always think I’m taller and I don’t know why! works for me though, ha :D
7. My dream hubby would speak both Spanish and French and have an EU passport so that I could have citizenship too! (I’m only half kidding ;)
Yay, it feels so nice to get a chance to post again!  Can’t wait to hear from you guys and hope you’re having a lovely hump day! =)


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  1. Sabine says

    I love your vest and am really impressed by your skills. It was actually Ashley from 2 Eyes in the Mirror who recommended your wonderful blog to me when she read I was doing a machine knitting course. So I'll sure be back… xoxo

  2. Nnenna says

    Thank you Ashley! I wouldn't have guessed that you're 5'3" either! The new toy is a tripod (the one you recommended), which I'm still waiting for!

  3. Rosiesavage says

    Burgundy is great, and I bet that would look perfect on the beach.
    Wicked is definitely my favourite musical too :)

    Rosie x

  4. Laura says

    i love singin' in the rain!! good choice (: haha i'm famous; two of my questions made the cut!

    i cannottttt believe you made that tank. it is SO cool. i want one! let me know if you ever start a business haha

  5. Sydney says

    i know what you mean about not posting because the pictures didn't turn out! it sucks, but i'd rather have no pictures than bad ones!

    and i feel like i gush over your knitting every time i read your blog, but seriously, you're amazing. i'm insanely jealous. that tank top is so cool.

  6. Lindsay says

    i love the color of that tank top! it looks great with the skirt and would definitely be cute over a bathing suit in the summer!


  7. jenni wells says

    you photograph so much taller than 5'3". I never would have guessed!!

    This shade of tank looks so beautiful on you. Great pairing with the skirt and fly-away.

  8. Ashley says

    Awesome work, as always!

    I enjoyed reading this to get to know you better! Your major sounds super interesting! I'm 5'3" too, but I think everyone believes I'm shorter. :S Bah!

    I hear ya on the quality photos thing. My outfit may rock, but if the pictures aren't up to my standard, I just cringe. I'm a perfectionist, so it drives me crazy if I don't approve of my own photos AND I post them up on my blog! Good luck with your quest for taking better photos. :) I take it you bought a new camera? Or some sort of fun camera-y toy? Do tell!

  9. Nnenna says

    Thanks D! Funny you should mention the dress idea, I actually did consider it, but then decided that I like this particular pattern as a top better!

  10. Nnenna says

    I think you should expand your knitting projects! Everyone starts off thinking they can only do scarves, but I bet you'd be surprised by what you do if you try something else :) Do you miss Michigan or do you like Pennsylvania better? No way?! I love Glinda, she was my favorite character! :D

  11. Ashley Rae says

    I love how you worked this shirt with the blazer and skirt. And I love the fact that it's see-through so that you can create color combos with the shirt underneath it.
    Is it knitted? Gosh. I wish I knew how to make clothes!

  12. The Merry Traveller says

    I knew you knitted it! I like how it can be styled to be its natural length or shorter for layers. If you had made this even longer, it could be a dress! I'm starting to see the power of knitting.

  13. erica@ Fashion meets Food says

    How cute is that tank! I can knit but only can do it for a hat or a washcloth/scarf. The really simple things, I think I need to learn how to do some other things! I am from Michigan but recently moved to PA when I got married. I am 4'11 and people think i`m 12 LOL. My best friend in Glinda in Wicked!!!!