Feeling Like a Cowgirl

I’ve been wearing my new boots almost everyday recently and this day, I decided to pair them with my black ruffled skirt for an all-over western vibe.  I wore this teal dress underneath the skirt so that it looks like a top because I think that as a dress it has a really unflattering fit on me.  Also, I just had to wear these star-print tights because the color of the stars matches the top exactly.  Finally, to finish off the outfit and hold up the skirt because it is one size too big, I added this wide stretch black belt.  I felt like I was in middle school again learning how to line dance during PE, hence the following pose.  Did any of you guys learn line dancing or square dancing when you were little?

dress (worn as top), cami (underneath), skirt,
earrings, belt- forever 21, tights- gift, boots- Wanted

I had a pretty nice weekend- Friday involved falling into a food coma after stuffing myself with delicious Indian food.  Then Saturday, I went out to dinner again, as a mini-reunion for the people I lived with in Spain this past summer.  It was so great to see them again and catch-up about our lives.  Then yesterday, I attended a lovely superbowl party with most of my friends, drank some delicious Riesling, then went to a dance party!  All in all, a really good time! :)  Tell me about your weekend?  Did the team you were rooting for win yesterday?

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