On Nnenna’s Needles #6

I cannot get through the winter months without my glittens.
What are glittens, you ask?  Why, they’re gloves + mittens!
Convertible Mittens
Flying Purple Glittens

The first pair I made in 2008 and they were my first attempt ever at some sort of hand covering.  I picked that yarn because I loved the combination of blue and purple, then added the cutest little star button as a closure.  The second pair came about because I had this skein of royal purple that I loved and felt would look great as glittens!  I’ve made two pairs because I am a firm believer that glittens are absolutely essential during the cold months!  They keep my hands warm (especially the second pair, which are really thick!) while also allowing me to use my fingers when needed.  Do any of you own a pair of glittens, or do you call them something else?


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  1. Ashley Rae says

    Love it! I saw these at the store and thought about getting a pair but never did. Maybe I should have. They look so fun!


  2. Jenarcissist says

    I DO have some!! My mom-in-law hasn't knitted any yet, but I got a pair a couple years ago at Ross. I thought they were so innovative (mine are the convertible kind too). I had never seen anything like them at the time. I love being able to button back the mittens when I don't need them. Mine are also arm warmer-length. Good job! They look like something straight out of a store!

  3. Laura says

    you know, i do own glittens. and… i have no idea what i call them! haha so weird. glittens is perfect, though.

  4. ondressingup says

    I completely agree. Whenever I travel around Europe, I get a pair knitted for me by my friend on etsy because they're so much cuter than plain old fingerless gloves and the flap you can put over your hand is super handy.

  5. zarna says

    these are so cute! i got a pair of glittens (i've never used that word, but it's just perfect!) from urban outfitters last year!

  6. Ashley says

    Glittens! How fun! I don't own anything like this, and I wish I did–especially if they're as warm as you say they are! Even though I live in northern MN where it's constantly freezing, about all I've got in my mitten arsenal are thin cheapo gloves that barely do anything for warmth and some crazy fleece mittens that aren't much better, either.

  7. Thelaughslut says

    whatttt, i wish i was crafty like that :( too bad i can't really knit or do anything of that sort. curse my man fingers ! but they are lovely you did an amazing job!


  8. The Merry Traveller says

    I am convinced that you can change the world and move mountains with these glittens! I think they are well thought out and you are so clever to make them!

  9. Nnenna says

    Thanks Sydney! Oh yes, these guys make my fingers so happy- I'm never going back to just mittens or just gloves again! haha :D

  10. Nnenna says

    Thanks, haha, even though I can't take credit for making up the name! There is a link to the pattern page on Ravelry as a caption in the photos of both designs :)

  11. Sydneytoups says

    oh my gosh, these are so cute! i love the little star button on the first pair. i wear fingerless gloves so that i can use my phone, but my fingers get cold, these are like the perfect solution!

  12. Styleshewrote says

    Glittens is such a cute name!! Love these designs. Can you post the pattern? xo style, she wrote

  13. Janettethejongleur says

    OH! I love my glittens..but they are just plain black…not faboo blue like yours…I especially love them because I can't take pictures with my gloves on…and my hands freeze if they aren't covered….

    Have a great day Ms. Nnenna!