Now I Can Be a Real Person Again

everything except boots- forever 21, boos- GoJane
my happy nail polish color

Hiya! I missed you guys!  For most of this week, I have been locked in my room, furiously working on my senior essays.  Since I am a double major, I have to write two separate essays, one in Spanish and one in English which has meant twice the fun…not! My suitemates have only seen me on my way to shower, get food, or go to the bathroom.  As of thirty minutes ago, I have submitted a draft of each paper to my senior advisers, so now I just have to get their comments, hopefully do only a little light editing, and turn in the final copies!  In the meantime, I am feeling quite light and free, so I can be a real person again!  I’ll be taking the weekend to catch up on all the tweets, posts, and comments that I missed while I was in my bubble and I can’t wait!  Plus it is supposed to be nice and sunny here tomorrow so hopefully that will mean some knitting outdoors.  I’m so excited to NOT think about anything academic for a couple of days!  See you soon! =)