The World Must Be Ending

Yellow 1

Forever 21 Top, Skirt, and Target Flats

Ok, I know the title of this post is rather dramatic, but you guys have to understand the seriousness of the situation.  I am wearing a yellow top.  Nope, that means nothing to you?  Well let me explain- up until about three weeks ago, yellow was my absolute least favorite color in the world.  I could handle it on other people, but never myself.  I previously owned one yellow shirt, which I certainly did not purchase, but was given to me as a gift.  Then something happened to me a few weeks ago.  I starting seeing yellow items of clothing and liking them!  I thought maybe it would pass, but no;  I saw yellow dresses, yellow shirts, yellow shorts- I liked them all!  Finally, I knew the transformation was complete when I was shopping in Forever 21 and I actually purchased this shirt.  The first solid yellow piece of clothing I’ve ever bought for myself!

So now I’m all about the yellow and in particular I’m liking this combination of gray and yellow.  Hmm, might use it as color-palette design inspiration for my new place!  Speaking of which, if anyone has any tips or advice for apartment hunting in NYC, I would love to hear it!

On a random note: would anyone be interested in doing a clothes swap with me?  I’ve been feeling really tired of my wardrobe lately and thought this might be a fun way to explore new options, since I can’t be spending too much money acquiring new things.  Let me know if you’re at all interested! :)



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    Well I am glad yellow has grown on you…you look amazing!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I live in Pa and know nothing about finding a place in NYC, good luck!

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      Aww, thank you Cheryl! And thanks, I feel like I need all the luck I can get when it comes to finding a place in the city! haha :D

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    Hey there lady, I was wondering why I wasn’t getting your posts I realized your blog is saved on my computer file of links but I wasn’t officially following all should be well.

    Okay on to yellow, I love yellow and I think it looks so gorgeous against your skin!

    Check on craigslist for apartments. If you want me to find out about vacancies email me. I can ask my friends if they know of an empty apartment.

    Let’s def meet up let me know when you’ll be in nyc!

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      Thanks for the follow Monique! I know my feed wasn’t updated when I first made the move, but everything should be okay now. Thank you so much- who know what other yellow things I might pick up now? ;) Also, thanks for the advice and I’ll definitely send you an email. And I’m in NYC already, living in a summer sublet, but I have to move in about a month!

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    I think yellow looks good on you, so I’m glad you got the top! Also grellow (grey and yellow haha) is my favorite combination with yellow.

    And yes, I’m up for a trade or a swap! The only thing is I think you might be significantly thinner than I am. We’ll have to see if we can figure it out!

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      Thank you Alex! I’m telling you- you helped win me over with your pretty yellow purse! Also, let’s totally do it! I’m going to send you an email :)

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    oh sweet Nnenna! I am so glad that you’ve decided to incorporate yellow! I would kill to have your skin tone, it looks gorgeous against that yellow top! Keep wearing it! :)

  5. says

    I think we’ve all felt like this about certain colors in one point in our lives! There is something about fashion and how it cycles that always changes everything about colors and trends.

  6. says

    Am loving yellow too. Yellow is such a happy cheerful fun colour.
    And there are so many different shades of yellow to suit different skin tones. The yellow blouse looks good on you and I like those ballerinas;-)

  7. says

    i was definitely the same way about yellow, and then i couldn’t get it out of my head. i eased in slowly, a necklace, a pair of ballet flats – then i got the yellow cords. me, in yellow PANTS. it was crazy, and i love them.

    and i’d totally be down for a clothing swap – i think you are probably a bit smaller than me, but i’ll swap anything i’ve got in my blogshop.

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      omg, yellow pants- that sounds awesome! yes, I must find some! Also, sweet! I’ll get back to you with more details. And I was telling Courtney that when we do our next meet-up we should all bring clothes to swap!

  8. Faith Fleming says

    And yes, I’m up for a trade or a swap! Thanks so much Gertrude! There is something about fashion and how it cycles that always changes everything about colors and trends. Merci beaucoup Agnes, tu es vraiment sympathique!