Experimenting with my Nails

I wanted to share with you guys some of the different styles of nails I’ve tried over the past few months!  I really love to paint my nails and my friends make fun of me sometimes because I will spend two hours trying out something new with my nails :)

Inspired by Aquí

Inspired by Mattieologie

Next on my list are this tutorial, this trend, and this tutorial.  Would you try any of these? Also, do share any nail tutorials you’ve tried that you love! =)


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    How playful and fun you are with your nail art;-)
    I love the different nail colour styles. They are all very summery.
    Pink and orange make good companions, too. Hope you had a relaxing weekend.

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    Hi Nnenna! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! You have a really cute blog! Those lace nails are really cute – are they the Sally Hansen strips? I’m loving the “Mermaid Nails” tutorial you linked as well. I just bookmarked it and it is on my list to try too! :-)

    Have you seen this tutorial? http://pinterest.com/pin/17595155/

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      Thank you very much Juli! Yes, they are the Sally Hansen strips- I love how easy they are to apply and all the various patterns/colors they have! Yay, glad I shared something you liked! And thanks for the pinterest link- I just joined yesterday so I’m still learning how to pin things to my boards! =)

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      Thanks so Monique! My friend is exactly the same way- as soon as she stopped biting her nails, she started painting them all the time and she loves it! :)

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      Agreed- they are such a quick way to spruce up your nails :) And the only thing that’s keeping me from the half-moon mani is that I don’t have those hole reinforcement stickers yet!

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    All the styles areterrific. I wish I was that talented with my nails. I like the pink triangle effect. And I like the trio of colors: purple, pink, blue–I think I could achieve that look:)

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    I have a serious obsession with nail polish and i’m loving how you did your nails here. all of the ways. they look so great! i think i wanna try doing the ombre effect with different colors on each nail!


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    I love these! Creative and chic without being overly complicated or fussy! Love! I especially like the aqua color (so perfect for summer) and the pink triangles! Will definitely have to try some of these myself :)

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      Thank you so much Amanda! Yes, none of these are too hard to do, but they look so great! I would love to see if you try some of these :)

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    Wow! All your nail art is so lovely. I think my favorites are the lace-y one, and the one gold nail. I definitely want to try out the triangle one myself!