My Personal Challenge- Accessorize!


Some of you may have seen me mention on twitter that I’ve given myself a little challenge this week.  Now I’m here to explain what that’s all about!  I’m probably one of very few people who have this problem, but hear me out!  So I have all of this lovely jewelry, including various earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and so on.  Every day, I put on the two rings that I only take off when I’m sleeping- without the two rings below, my fingers feel naked.

Then I put on a pair of earrings or two, usually studs if I’m headed to work, and that’s it.  And there’s my problem!  I have all of these pretty accessories, but I rarely wear them.  For some reason, after I’ve put on my rings and a pair of earrings, I feel like I’m done accessorizing.  Well this week, I want to challenge myself to put my other accessories to good use.  In addition to my usual jewels, I’m making myself put on at least one more accessory every day.  Here are the results from the first two days:

On Monday, I wore this leaf ring as my extra accessory.  I thought it complemented my shirt nicely, which had a sort of abstract leafy pattern.

Yesterday, I pulled out this black wrap bracelet that I bought from Forever 21 for about $7.  The bracelet looked great with my black patent flats and added a little bit of edge to my outfit.

Tell me: Does anybody else have this problem or am I the only weirdo? ;)

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  • You are so not alone! I hardly ever wore jewelry until this last year. It wasn’t practical when I was swimming every day. Even now, it is a struggle to remember to add a little accessory flair to my outfits!

  • I have this problem too. I have to make a conscious effort to wear some jewellery otherwise I’ll forget to completely. I’ve recently bought lots of rings and I think I’ve only worn one of them, once.

    I love your leaf ring and that black wrap bracelet.


  • I always seem to forget about all the necklace I known when I’m accessorizing – I’m all over bracelets and rings but the necklaces always seem to slip through the cracks.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  • haha I completely have this problem! I wear the same stud earrings and chain necklace for months at a time, even though my jewellery box is bursting…
    thanks for wishing me luck on my internship – pop back and find out how it goes?! I’m following you so’s I can hear bout your jewellery task! xx

    • Thanks Lara for the follow! I’ll definitely check back to hear more about your internship =)

  • I have the same problem. Besides my wedding ring and an old jeweled ring Kevin got me forever ago, I rarely put any other accessories on. Its shameful.

  • O my YES! I absolutely have this same problem. Lots of cute jewelry that I don’t usually opt to wear. So funny. I love what you’re doing about it!

  • jamie

    nnenna, i have that veryyyy same problem!! i will challenge myself to do the same =) you have some very great pieces, girl! hope your week is going well!


    • Yay, glad to hear that you’re joining me in my challenge! =) Hope you had a good week too!

  • I don’t think it’s weird that you don’t usually accessorize. It’s just not for everybody. I, however, LOVE to accessorize.

  • Alyse


    I’m rubbish at accessorizing so it’s always the same few things I seem to pick up despite having loads of pretty accessories.

    I also think some people are just more used to accessorizing and jingling the rest of us. Idk, not really second nature, I guess?

  • Samantha Elisabeth

    I love this! I have the opposite problem. I have a huge tendency to not wear jewelry at all (like now!), so I want to start!

  • this is also my challenge too…i love that leaf ring and the bracelet well done on the accessories keep it up!

  • i think my problem is that i don’t accessorize enough because i don’t have enough accessories. i don’t seem to think about them when i’m out shopping. i was actually thinking to myself today that when i go to the flea market this weekend, i should invest in pretty jewelry rather than another vintage dress.

    • I’m the same- with the exception of earrings, I’m much more likely to buy clothes than jewelry. I’ll be checking to see if you found any pretty vintage jewelry at the flea market this weekend =)

  • I have my favorite pieces, but I do try to wear everything I have. I don’t have a ton of accessories though and some days I’ll go completely without jewelry.

  • Lessa

    I really stuggle with accessories, I cant decide what will work and I cant ever make them look right on me.

    I wonder if is because I cant pick the right one or if its just me and the way I looked makes it impossible to pull them off

    • I bet it will just take practice and getting used to wearing them! I remember when I first started wearing my ring, my hand felt so strange at first, but now I feel strange without them on! =)

  • Love the leaf ring!That’s great…I think it’s fun to wear multiple accessories. Have fun with this challenge!

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