FBFF: Jumping on the Bandwagon


It feels good to be doing another FBFF post!  I haven’t been active for a little while, but now I’m jumping back in :)  This week, we’re talking about “fads, trends, and our desire to be part of the ‘in’ crowd.”

Remember these?

1. Do you ever see a fad hit the stores and immediately dislike it? Has that fad ever began to grow on you? There have been a few fads that I immediately disliked when they hit the stores.  The first one that comes to mind is gaucho pants.  If you think back a few years ago, those were all the rage (at least in my circles)!  However, even when everyone around me was wearing them and they were all over the stores, I knew they were not for me.  I just didn’t think they were figure-flattering, so I definitely passed on that trend.  Another, more recent trend that I didn’t like at first was wide-leg pants.  It just seemed like if they weren’t styled just so, you could look really retro (not in a good way) or a little bit ridiculous.  Then, I saw so many bloggers wearing wide-leg pants and totally rocking the look, which has changed my opinion.  Now I know they can look oh-so chic and glamorous when done correctly (see below for examples)!

2. Has the popularity of a certain piece of clothing or line ever convinced you to try on something (or purchase something) you dislike? There have been times when I have seen clothes from a certain line on sale and I feel like I have to take advantage of the opportunity and snag them since they are such a great price.  Then I try to take a step back and really decide if I like the item itself or if I just like the name it’s attached to.  I want my closet to be full of clothes I really love, not just full of fancy labels.

3. Have you ever changed your mind about a trend after seeing it around for a while?  Oh yes, definitely!  There have been trends that I really liked when they first came out, but got sick of when I saw them all over the blogosphere.  It’s like when a really great song first comes out and you love it and you think it’s the best song ever, but then you start to hear it all over the place and on every radio station you tune into, and suddenly you can’t stand it!  It’s not that I don’t like the trend anymore, I just get tired of having it shoved in my face all the time.

4. Do you feel a certain pressure to have specific items in your closet because ‘everyone’ else does?  Yep, yep, I’ve felt that pressure since I was a kid.  Growing up in a family of 4 kids, we didn’t always have a ton of money to spend on clothes, which was hard to deal with when you felt like you were the only one at school that didn’t have a certain item.  However, my parents always taught me to be content with what I have and I appreciate that lesson more and more as I grow older.  I think there’s still pressure to own certain items, especially when you’re a blogger, but I have to consider which of these items I actually like and can realistically afford.

5. Be honest, what do you think of the Missoni line? Did you grab any items? Is it worth the eBay prices?  I had mixed feelings about the line.  I didn’t love all of the clothing pieces that were part of the collection.  However, I did think many of the accessories and home goods were really cute, so I had a blogger friend (thanks Ashley!) pick up one of the silk scarves for me.  I really love the pattern and think it was a pretty good deal at $20 bucks!  I definitely do not think they are worth the eBay prices- I think that whole thing is a bit crazy.  I say wait until the hype dies down a bit, then maybe the prices won’t be so bad, or just wait until the next awesome Target/Designer Collaboration (Jason Wu!!)

As usual, I’d love to hear your answers to any and all of these questions in the comments! :)

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