Birthday Nails!: Incoco Review


c/o Incoco: Top to Bottom- Show Off, Pretty Thing, Call of the Wild

Recently, I had the opportunity to try some Incoco Dry Nail Polish Strips.  I was saving them for a special occasion, and what better time than my birthday to sport some pretty nail designs? =)  I absolutely LOVE the patterns I chose.  The best thing about nail strips is that you can give yourself a beautiful manicure with very little effort.  Everything comes in one handy kit and it took me about 20 minutes to apply the strips, and that’s just because I had to clip my nails first!

For my first go-round with these, I decided to start with this pretty pink chevron pattern (aptly named, Pretty Thing :). The application process is so simple: just choose the strip that best fits your nail, peel off the backing, apply to your nail, and file off any excess strip!  In comparison to other nail polish strips, I find the Incoco strips more flexible and easier to mold to your nails. They are also a little bit cheaper, ranging from $8-10 per set.  Incoco has an amazing selection of patterns, as well as many solid colors and french tip sets too.  I would definitely recommend Incoco Nail Strips for a chic and easy manicure!

I can’t wait to use the other patterns I choose!  You should definitely check out the Incoco website to see what colors/patterns they have.  I’m also excited for them to release their holiday collection- click here for a sneak peek! :)

P.S. I’m thinking of making my weekly manicures a regular feature here since I’m always trying out new colors/designs on my nails.  What do you guys think?

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P.P.P.S. Last one of these, I promise!  The lucky winner of my Birthday Month Giveaway was Jeanne– congratulations to her!

  • I love how your nails came out, they look fabulous! :)

  • they look amazing!!

  • Love the pattern! I’ve wanted to try this sort of thing for ages.

  • Those look so cool on your nails! The design is super cute.
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  • whoa! these look amazing. i really want to try these now. i’d love weekly nail posts. i’m always looking for new things to try on my nails…

  • That looks great – I really want to try those!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  • I’ve used the Sally Hansen stickers for my nails – such a great idea. Isn’t it so fun?

  • Jas

    your nails look great!

  • do the weekly manicure! I love love love these on your nails! and they look oh so neat, too! :)
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  • You are much more patient then me. I tried this package and I failed miserably. Love your nails!

  • I’ve always wanted to try these nail appliques but have been nervous to try them. Yours are fantastic, love the chevron stripes and how natural they look. Feature your manicures, I love seeing how creative people get with their nails!

  • So cute. This makes me wish I didn’t chew my nails.

  • Those are the coolest nails! I love the design of it :D

    Oh, and you should do the weekly manicure!

  • I want to try these! They look awesome and I’m always so impatient with my nails. They’d be perfect for me.

    • Yes, they would! Very easy and quick application, you should try them! =)

  • Mri

    That is REALLY cool :D

    xxx, Mri

  • Love the designs you chose! I decided to get a set of the sally hansen and I’ve been holding on to them forever – it’s like “nooo can’t waist the $10 nail strips on just any old day!”

    And that is why nail strips are a bad idea. With polish your just like, oh I’ll do this color today and take it off tomorrow and whatever I’ll never use up a whole bottle. (Honestly, I’ve never emptied a bottle of nail polish. Except for clear.)

    • That is so true- I feel like I must save them for a special occasion! I’ve never gone through a whole bottle of nail polish either (except clear)!

  • I love it! Very cool.