A California Christmas


Dress* Ross, Tights and Booties* Forever 21

Sterling Silver Bow Earrings* InPink, Sunnies* H&M

Now I’m playing catch up and I have lots of outfits to share with you guys from my trip home over the holidays!  Christmas in California was definitely a warm one!  I was quite happy to have a change of scenery and to soak up the sun rays.  And of course, it was wonderful to see my family and spend time playing games and just generally goofing around with them.  Since my sister knows all about the blog, it was easy to get her to take outfit pictures for me the whole time I was home (thanks a bunch sis! :D)  For family pictures, my mom asked us to all wear purple on Christmas day, so I borrowed this pretty sweater dress from my sister.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a sucker for a sweater dress because it’s easy to throw one on and look chic!  If I didn’t know that my sister reads this, I might have stolen borrowed this one from her! ;)

My sister doing her thang! She’s wearing: Dress* Forever 21, Shoes* Steve Madden

My parents

The siblings- yah, we think we’re cool!

My mom looking pretty cute in one of my headbands! Find a similar one here


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  1. says

    I went right past the photo of your sister and thought it was you! You two look so alike..by that I mean you are both adorable. (PS super jealous you got to spend time CA where the weather is warm & sunny)

  2. says

    I LOVE the purple dress, it looks so great on you! Also, what a cute family you have! I love these kinda posts where the blogger lets you in on their life a little bit :)

    Happy New Year, here’s to a great 2012!


  3. says

    What a stunning family you have! I see where you get your smile from now, how lovely :)

    Christmas in California? Sounds just idylic! I hope your sister doesn’t notice you stealing her dress (you have to have it, it looks amazing!).

    Happy New Year and I look forward to more outfit posts!

    Girl about Town XxX

  4. says

    Love your Christmas outfit, the dress + heels look great together. I’m also loving the weather, I think you may have had better weather than I had on Christmas Day and I’m supposed to be having summer!

  5. says

    A warm and sunny Christmas! Lucky you :)
    A colour-coordinated family portrait is such a fun idea! It’s nice that your mom picked the colour purple instead of the usual green and red. You all look good in it!

    PS- You earrings are too cute!

    Noémie | THE SUN WAS HIGH