On Nnenna’s Nails #7: Not-so-Mellow Yellow and Shimmery Magenta

Zoya Nail Polish Cream

Yellow* Zoya Creamy

This bold yellow color is the second color that I picked during Zoya Nail Polish’s 2012 promotion.  Honestly, I thought it was going to be a much softer, paler yellow, but I definitely like this shade too.  I got several compliments on this color, even from a couple of guys, so I guess it’s a standout color! :)

 Shimmery Magenta* Essie It’s Genius

Last week, I won this pretty Essie polish from Jenmarie’s giveaway- how awesome is that?!  The magenta is lovely on it’s own, but made even prettier but the subtle gold flecks running through it.  This is my first official Essie polish!  I’ve bought it as a gift for other people and I usually choose Essie on the rare occasions that I get my nails professionally done, but hadn’t yet bought a bottle for myself.  I already knew I loved Essie and now that I’ve got my first bottle, it’s going to be tough not to go on an Essie streak… ;)

P.S. Details about the Correspondence Club will be on the blog tomorrow- don’t forget to check back! :)


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  1. says

    I love the look of yellow nails, but the shimmery magenta is definitely my favorite. There’s just something about the pink/red family that I love. If you’ve got to go on an an Essie streak, at least it’s similarly priced to Zoya, unlike Deborah Lippman at $14+/bottle!

    • says

      Haha, my roommate always makes fun of me- he’s like, “You’re painting your nails again?!” My nails survive pretty well- I almost always use a base coat and top coat to protect them and I clip/file/clean up my nails often.

      You should totally try the yellow- even if only for a day! :)

  2. says

    Oh yes, the yellow is totally an attention grabber!
    I’ve got a number of essie polishes myself, and I like them a lot. I recently got their Good to Go top coat, and it’s amazing, it dries (all) the polish so quickly!