Get the Look: Mary Margaret from Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time, Season 1 Episode 11, Mary Margaret

Steve Madden Drop Waist Twill Coat ** Jonathan Saunders Bright Blue Keyhole Front Dress
Betsey Johnson Blue Bird Stud Earrings ** Steve Madden ‘Tanngoo’ Bootie

I’m not sure if you guys know this, but I watch a lot of television.  And by a lot, I mean a lot.  To the point where I keep a spreadsheet each season to keep track of all the shows I’m watching (crazy, I know!).  Well for today’s post, I decided to try something new and recreate an outfit from one of the shows I watch.

This outfit comes from the ABC show, Once Upon a Time.  Ginnifer Goodwin, plays the character Mary Margaret, who is really Snow White (right now, you’re saying, “What?” but if you read the synopsis on Wikipedia this will make a lot more sense).  Anyway, Mary Margaret has pretty cute style and this outfit she wore on a recent episode caught my eye.  I love how she’s not afraid to mix two bold colors and keeps her outfit casual with a pair of cute booties.

Tell me: Do watch Once Upon a Time? Which of these items do you like?

  • Wow … in awe of your spreadsheet! Haven’t seen the show, but I do like the blue dress and booties. :)

  • All these beautiful coats! Just right on time b/s it’s freezingly cold here;)

    Following your beautiful blog dear:)



    • Thanks so much for the follow Alexandra! :)

  • I don’t watch much TV at all so I hadn’t even heard of this show. Nice outfit, though! I especially like the addition of the booties.

  • Um, I did not know that. I’ve never seen Once Upon a Time, though it does sound intriguing. I have to catch up on Downton Abbey though.

    • Definitely do Downton Abbey first! :D

  • great post!!


  • M
  • I love that show and that is such a cute outfit! This is one of my favorite shows right now!

  • bright plum coats are so sweet!

  • I love this show!! I so badly want to know how Snow White caused the Queen to lose her one true love. I also watch quite a bit of TV but am not as organized about it :)

  • I have yet to start watching this but the look is so charming and I love your interpretation!
    xo Josie

  • I’ve been watching OUAT and I’m still not sure if I’m in love with it. Like you I watch far too much tv and I’ve to see an episode I feel truly captivated by. Usually I either like the Real world storyline or the fariy tale storyline, but not both.

    at any rate MM does have some cute style. I really, really loved Kathrine’s camel toggle coat from last night’s ep.

    • I know what you mean- I got into OUAT one day when I was bored and at first I didn’t like it all that much. I think what made me keep watching was the developing relationship between Emma and the little boy :) Also, yes, the coats on the the show in general are really cute- I loved Emma’s biker leather jacket from the last episode!

  • she always looks so cute… love her hair cut!

  • Wow, a spreadsheet huh? That is a lot of TV haha! I LOVE Once Upon a Time. I think it’s my favorite show at the moment. I knew from the start that I was going to really like Mary Margaret’s style, but that exact outfit really stuck out to me when I was watching. SO CUTE!

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