On Nnenna’s Nails #9: Flirty Polka Dots and My Julep Maven Box

Flirty Polka Dot Nails in Gray and Pink

Gray* Julep Meryl and Pink* (old)

When I saw that Julep was having an amazing deal where you could sign up to be a Julep Maven and only pay $1 for your first month, I pounced!  I took their style quiz and got matched with the style “Classic with a Twist,” which I think is fitting.  Only two days after signing up, I got my first box in the mail!  Inside were two pretty nail polishes (a super fun sparkly gold color and a wonderful cool gray) along with a small can of Topcoat for Hair and a yummy piece of chocolate.

Of course, I had to try out my new colors right away, so I used the gray from my Julep Maven box and a pink polish I picked up a long time ago to create the polka dot design on my nails.  I used a bobby pin to make the polka dots and I’m pretty happy with how clean the dots came out.  However, I don’t love this pink with the gray, so I would definitely try a different color combination next time.  Also, I think it looks better when there are fewer dots spaced out- I think my ring finger above is a good example.

Tell me: Would you sport polka dots on your nails?

  • I love love love the polka dots! So cute.


  • Amazing! This takes patience- I love the end result. Also, thank you for visiting my blog!

  • Ack! Cutest nails ever!!!! I love them.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  • This is such a cute nail look! So creative!

  • I love dotty nails! I love dotty anything, actually! Purple and grey look lovely together :)

  • Charmaine

    Why not? Polka dots look cute.

  • I got this bright red color… I like the grey better!

  • you do such a good job with your nails, so wish I could do the same!


  • So glad you liked my tip on using the bobby pin!


  • YES YES YES you did such a great job with the dots! They look 100% professional. I couldn’t paint someone else’s nails that great let alone my own. Color me impressed.

  • Agreed, the ring finger looks the best, but you did a really neat job with the bobby pin! Fun package – what’s the hair thingie?

    • Thanks Smita! The hair thing is called “Topcoat for Hair.” Apparently it’s supposed to “protect and shine hair leaving it with a lustrous sheen and radiance.” So it makes your hair shiny? Haha, I’m not really sure and doubt I’ll ever use it!

  • Eli

    This came out awesome! I wish I had gotten chocolate :)

  • oh i just love your nails they look awesome!!!