Bring Back Those Sunny Days

Bring Back Those Sunny Days 1

Forever 21* Cardigan // Target* Tee // Thrifted* Skirt // Enzo Angiolini* Boots

After experiencing some delightfully warm days a couple of weeks ago in NYC, the temperature then dipped back down to the 40s.  Brrr!  I went from hot coffee, to iced coffee, then back to hot coffee in the span of one week and and I just want it to be warm and stay warm!

These pictures were taken a few months ago, when I was home visiting my family in California.  It was a beautiful, warm sunny day with spring-like temperatures (even though it was December at the time!).  Now I want the weather in NYC to match that day, so I can go back to my outdoor lunches and iced coffees :)  As you can see below, sunny days put a spring in my step!

Tell me: Is the weather being wonky where you live, or are temperatures pretty steady?


  • jenn~the stylish housewife

    that skirt is fab! i’ve been on the hunt for the perfect yellow skirt for some time now. our weather had been up and down here in cali. not too warm and not too cold. =)

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

    • Nnenna

      Thank you Jenn- it was a good thrift store find :) And not too warm and not too cold sounds like the perfect temperature!

  • Lauren

    Love those boots! My dog ate my flat pair of boots, and I have been trying to replace them ever since. The weather here is super wonky, too! It is so HOT and then gets very cold at night and at random times in the week… It’s bizarre. Hopefully it straightens out soon… But I gotta admit, I love dressing for the cold!


    • Nnenna

      Thank you Lauren :) These boots replaced my previous pair of knee-high flat black boots- I had to search for these forever because I want a pair that would be comfortable and that I could wear with anything! Yep, that’s the thing about the weather being so crazy- it makes it hard to know what to wear!

  • Laura

    wonky weather’s everywhere!!!! p.s. i love how your skirt matches that door haha

    • Nnenna

      Haha, thanks! I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out, but it kind of does!

  • Rheannia Harris

    Cute Look! I love the color of the skirt with the red and stripes.


    • Nnenna

      Thanks so much Rhe! :)

  • jazzy elizabeth

    You’re adorable! The temp’s also crazy here (it was summer hot & now it’s back to spring chill ughh). x hivenn p.s enter my giveaway?

    • Nnenna

      Aww, thanks Jazzy! :D Crazy temps are so confusing- I just want the weather to settle down! haha

  • Megan

    Cute! Love the colors and your boots are so pretty :)

    • Nnenna

      Thank you Megan! :)

  • Cara

    What a pretty color combination! I really love the details on your boots and your earrings. I think our weather is finally settling in to cool spring temperatures here in DC!

    • Nnenna

      Thanks so much Cara! Cool spring temperatures sound nice and I’ve seen pictures of the really pretty cherry blossoms in DC- so springy :)

  • Courtney

    The weather is so wonky here! I packed up all my warm weather coats a few weeks back and now am really regretting it…

    Courtney ~

    • Nnenna

      Yes, it’s so crazy! Now in the morning I have to decide if I need my winter coat, my trench coat, or just a light jacket!

  • Ashley

    I live in NC…so YES the weather is wonky. Always has been…always will be!

    Love the yellow!

    • Nnenna

      Thank you Ashley! =)

  • Cosmia

    Cute! I love the high waisted skirt! The weather has been MAD here, really lovely and sunny and beautiful last week, apparently going to snow this week..?!

    • Nnenna

      Thank you Cosmia! Oh my gosh, from sunny to snowy? That is crazy!

  • Lady à la Mode

    so loving all the colors together – great styling!


    • Nnenna

      Thanks so much! :)

  • Alex Elizabeth

    I was going to say… that doesn’t look like anywhere I know. Photos on Wednesday before Little Owl?

    • Nnenna

      Haha, yep, it is rare now that I post pictures not taken by you, but I still have a few old outfit photos unposted :) Yes please to pictures! :)

  • Ashley

    Look how cute you are! :) I think Alabama has skipped Spring and ventured straight into Summer. We have been close to ’90
    s this week! Crazy! Wishing you some warm weather SOON!

    • Nnenna

      Aww, thanks Ashley! Wow, the 90’s is quite warm- I would love a little bit of that! ;)

  • Juliet Ayot

    Pretty cool. The boots seem really warm and a perfect wear in the cold weather. But, you’re wearing it in a warm weather, will it be comfortable? Anyways, it suits with your skirt very well giving you a pretty look.

    • Nnenna

      Thank you Juliet! :)

  • Hogger & Co.

    It’s COLD again! Was in San Diego last week and was surprised how chilly it was there too!
    You look fantastic as always!

    • Nnenna

      Wow, it was even chilly in SD? What is the world coming to?! Aww, thanks Smita, you’re too sweet! =)

  • Eli

    Hehe I was wondering at first why you still had that wreath up!! Love the yellow skirt, gotta remember to wear mine more.

    • Nnenna

      Haha, yep, that’s because these pictures are super old! :) Thanks!

  • Carrie

    I love red + yellow! It makes me think of ketchup and mustard, which makes me think of cheeseburgers … funny how my color associations are always tied to food. :)
    I think we’ve started summer here already — it’s warm and very sunny!

    • Nnenna

      Thank you Carrie! Haha, you’re right- it’s totally ketchup and mustard (that’s my alternate post title ;)

  • Lyddiegal

    here, here, be warm and stay warm!!
    Loving this outfit, the yellow and red combo is quite nice.

    • Nnenna

      Thank you Lydia! :)

  • Elizabeth

    oh i love your cardigan and striped top!!

    • Nnenna

      Thank you Elizabeth! :)

  • Lizzie

    That skirt is so super amazing pretty lady!! I adore the red and yellow color combo…and those boots…gahhhhh perfection! :)


    • Nnenna

      Awww, thanks so much Lizzie! As soon as I saw it in the thrift store, I had to have it! :)