• http://www.closet-fashionista.com Closet Fashionista

    Wow what beautiful photos!! It really is amazing over there!! I’ve never been to the Brooklyn Bridge, haha…
    Loving your outfit too, of course ;)

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com Nnenna

      Thank you Megan! It’s definitely an amazing spot- you should definitely go sometime! :)

  • Rebecca

    “I want you to go to Brooklyn to get me a Cheesecake” – P. Diddy. When I think of the Brooklyn bridge I will forever think of Makin’ the Band. However, I was lucky enough to walk across the bridge in summer of 08′.

    It’s definitely something you should do if you’re ever in NYC. It’s a nice walk. It’s pretty scenic and don’t forget your fobby peace signs, I love New York shirts, and your cameras.

  • http://sartorialsidelines.com Courtney

    I love the Brooklyn Bridge area – you’re right, the views are amazing! Love your skirt and shirt combo as well – it has such a great spring time feel to it.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com Nnenna

      Thanks so much Courtney!

  • http://theblogofworldlydelights.com laura

    These photos are soooo pretty. I’ll say it again– you look great in pink! and I totally love that satchel!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com Nnenna

      Thanks so much Laura! I love this satchel too- I carry it almost every day! :)

  • http://www.ladyalamode.com Lady à la Mode

    Wow, what an amazing view that is!


    • http://starcrossedsmile.com Nnenna

      Thank you!

  • http://happilyeveranthro.blogspot.com/ sayaka

    What pretty pictures!! I’ve never thought of taking pictures at night but it really works!! Your outfit is adorable too.

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com Nnenna

      Thank you! Alex and I take a lot of pictures at night because I could only meet her after work, but now that they days are longer, hopefully we’ll have more daytime photos :)

  • http://totallyvogue.blogspot.com Gabriele

    new york looks beautiful..and you look stunning as usual!:) mind following my blog on bloglovin’?:)
    Much love, Gabriele. xx

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com Nnenna

      Thanks so much Gabriele! :)

  • http://delayedmissives.com Alex Elizabeth

    This feels like it was forever ago! We can definitely go to the park during the day sometime, although it’s so crowded now that the weather’s warming. And I still think the park is nicest at night.

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com Nnenna

      Haha, it was forever ago- more than a month ago actually!

  • http://www.bellesandrebelles.blogspot.com M

    since we’re both in NY we should totally meet up at an event!!


    • http://starcrossedsmile.com Nnenna

      Thank you! Yes, we should definitely meet up at an event some time! :)

  • http://www.chic-lux.com Chiclux

    Really beautiful photos!! You guys look great:)


    • http://starcrossedsmile.com Nnenna

      Thanks so much! :)

  • http://alwaysalyse.blogspot.com Alyse

    I am ashamed to say I’ve lived for eighteen years in New York and have never been to this spot. Glad you had such a great time! Cold as it might have been, you look very cosy!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com Nnenna

      With so much to do here, I’m sure there are amazing spots I will never get around to! But I really do like this park- can’t wait to go back soon :)

  • http://styleofsam.blogspot.com/ Samantha

    Beautiful night pictures at the Brooklyn Bridge!

    xo, sam

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com Nnenna

      Thank you Sam!

  • http://www.hoggerandco.com/photohogger Hogger & Co.

    You guys are so cute! Wish I could have met up with you two last time! Next time, hopefully!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com Nnenna

      Thanks Smita! I’m saying definitely to the next time! :)

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