Nighttime Chilling in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Nighttime Chilling in Brooklyn Bridge Park 2

Forever 21* Cardigan, Target* Striped Tee, Skirt* From Alex,
American Eagle* Tights, Enzo Anglioni* Boots, Lulu’s *Bag

(All pictures above taken by Alex– thanks lady!)

The sudden return to chilly weather here in NYC reminded me of when I met Alex at Brooklyn Bridge Park a few weeks ago.  I had never been before, so I had absolutely no idea how stunning the views are!  You can see several of the bridges connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn and I think we were even able to spot the Empire State Building in the distance.  As beautiful as it was that night, I was also freezing my behind off!  The whole time we were taking pictures, Alex kept laughing at me- apparently she’s immune to the cold! ;)

After snapping our pictures, we sat down for a quick spell to eat some donut holes that I’d bought.  By that point in the evening, the park was pretty empty, so we were able to snack on our donuts and look out over the water in peace :)  I definitely want to return to Brooklyn Bridge Park during the daytime, especially since there’s a merry go-round there too.  I told Alex that it will have to wait until it warms up though!

Tell me: Do you have any fun weekend plans?