Get the Look- Statement Sweaters


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So it seems like fall may actually be here to stay and I’m definitely happy about that. Now that the weather has cooled down, I’ve been able to take all of my favorite sweaters out of storage. Getting ready for work has been pretty easy lately- throw on a cozy sweater, a pair of skinny jeans or colored pants, add flats, loafers, or boots and then I’m ready to go. Now kick my basic formula up a notch by adding one of these statement sweaters! I love how cheeky these sweaters are- when you’re wearing one of these you can keep the rest of the look simple and let the sweater make the statement. I’m sure you’re not at all surprised that #6 is my favorite- that sweater needs to get in my closet now! ;)

Tell me: Would you wear one of these sweaters? Which one is your favorite?

  • Mia

    I feel like I’m being predictable, but that fox sweater makes my heart twinge! I’m not sure if I could get away with a sweater like this at work (too much like a graphic tee?), but it would be great weekend-wear.

  • 1, 3, 4, 6 AND 7! I want them all =)

  • Cat Fuller

    Oh my gosh, I actually want them all babe :D xxx

  • stars or the cheetahs! love it!!!!

  • I would wear alllll of these!! I especially love 1 and 7!

  • pntszdinFluence

    I love 2, 7 and 8!! But I think 8 would be my fave!

  • Well the bat one is cute for Halloween. I saw a skull one at Topshop that was cute but it’s like $90 :/

  • Tracy

    These sweaters are adorable and I would absolutely wear every single one of them. I have had #1 saved in my favorites for a few weeks now and the Oh La La one has been on my radar for months. I think I may need to finally take the plunge and purchase it.

  • that fox is pretty adorable.

  • Emily Spada

    I’d probably wear the one with the owl!

  • Kara

    Love the critter sweaters and the Oh la la one :)

  • Elana Katz

    Why are you doing this to me?? I want all of them, especially that Aubin & Willis fox one. I’ve been lusting after that one for forever! Thanks for sharing!

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