NYFW Hair Inspiration

NYFW Hair Inspiration

NYFW Hair Inspiration

Generally, I don’t fuss much with my hair. Most mornings I don’t have time to do anything more than straighten my bangs. If I’m being really ambitious and/or trying to be fancy, I’ll curl my hair (I still don’t think I’m good at this yet!). NYFW is one of the few times a year I actually bother trying to make my hair look like it’s been styled, so I turned to Pinterest for some easy hairstyles that I could¬†maybe recreate. In an ideal world, look #1 would be my everyday hair, but alas, my curling iron skills are still lacking. Looks #4 and #5 seem pretty easy and I love how simple and girly look #2 is. Look #3 seems the hardest to me (french braid into a regular braid, wrapped around), but I still have a couple more days to practice, right?

Tell me: How do you usually wear your hair?

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

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  • brianne

    I love this post! I am waiting for the day where my hair is long enough to do hairstyle #4. Super cute. I normally just keep my hair straight, or add some big waves with my curling iron. :D


    P.S. I love your blogs’ name!

  • I think number one is everyones ideal hair day. If my hair could look like that every day I might be able to take on the world.

    • Nikki Odeluga

      Hear Hear!

  • Eli

    Just the fact that you get to experience NYfw itself is amazing.

  • I love the different sort of braided looks but I rarely do them because I don’t feel they stay put. So, are you going to any of the shows for NYFW?

  • Nikki Odeluga

    Curling my hair is my go-to style, 20 to 30 mins tops (and I have a lot of hair!).
    Alas, I will be coming to your rescue!!!
    It’s all in the wrist LOL

  • I LOVE #5! It’s so simple! I honestly don’t do much to my hair. Just kinda brush it and then put it up if it’s being uncooperative ;)

  • kat

    I went there today and it was so cool.