SCS Home: Choosing a Rug

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Once I returned from vacation last week, I dove back into home decor mode. I’ve made some progress since I moved into my own apartment (as far as finding or creating a place for all of my stuff), but now it’s time to add the touches that will really make this place feel like a home. My plan is to resurrect this SCS Home series that I started last year and share my process as I decorate.

I made a lot of fun home purchases this week, including several art prints that I’m going to use to create a gallery wall in the living room (more on that later). I also have a list of decor changes that I’d like to make and getting a new rug was towards the top of that list. I still like the pattern of my current rug, but it has a dark blue base with white lines. This is a problem because 1) I want to keep the space light and bright and 2) my cat is white/gray and sheds a ton.

Even though I knew I wanted to go for a lighter color, I was worried about picking a white or cream rug. Would it be really difficult to protect it from stains and spills? Would it be harder to clean? Would it be crazy to have a light rug since I have a pet?

After much hemming and hawing and some research, I decided to take the plunge. I know I’ll like the look of a lighter rug so much more and I’m willing to put in the work when it comes to cleaning. Plus, I decided to go for the extended warranty that covers spills and pet accidents. It could be a mistake, but I wanted to give it a try and see how it goes!

Once I settled on the general color scheme, there were still so many options to choose from. I wanted something with a large-scale pattern, and nothing too fussy or stodgy. I’ve shown a few options above that I considered and I’ll talk you through my thoughts on each one.

01. Emory Indoor/Outdoor Rug At first I thought I should go for a really plain pattern, something very neutral and safe. Then I realized that I didn’t even like this rug at all, so it was easy to strike it off the list.

02. Moroccan Trellis Rug I loved how there’s definitely a pattern, but it’s subtle. I also liked the fact that this rug is cream, which has a softer feel than a stark white.

03. Mercer Area Rug By now, I bet you’re thinking that all of these rugs look the same! But the lines on this rug are more defined and more clearly in the beige color family. I liked this option, but didn’t like the beige/tan lines as much as some of my other choices.

04. Torrance Indoor Area Rug I also considered getting a gray rug, but my sofa is light gray and I felt like that would be too matchy matchy. Also, while I liked this pattern, it didn’t feel super fresh to me.

05. Kenya Fleece Accent Rug This was another one of my favorites. I liked the darker gray lines, which I thought would tie in nicely with my gray couch and grayish furniture. The price was also fantastic because Target had a rug sale earlier in the week. I almost pulled the trigger, but then I read all of the reviews. Multiple people mentioned that some chemicals in the rug stripped the finish off their wood floor. Like I mentioned, I love my wood floors and I’m renting, so I just couldn’t risk anything that could possibly wreck the apartment. Goodbye pretty rug!

06. Trellis Moroccan Area Rug This is another good option, and since the lines are black, it’s a more graphic version of the pattern that I kept gravitating toward. I also felt like the pattern wasn’t quite right though (to me, the lines are spaced too far apart).

So based on all that, can you guess which one I chose? Oh, and I forgot to mention all my internal debates about size! A rug that’s too small just looks off, but I also didn’t want a rug that’s too big because I have beautiful hardwood floors and I didn’t want to cover them up entirely. In the end, I went with 5′ x 8′, which I’m hoping will be the perfect size. My new rug is scheduled to arrive next week and I’m so excited to see it in person (it looks so plush in the pictures). Here’s hoping my risk pays off and that the new rug works in the space!

Which option is your favorite?

SCS Home Wish List 01.

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October will mark my three-year anniversary of living in my current apartment. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’ve decided to finally decorate my living room (gasp)! But in all seriousness, my roommate and I are upgrading our living room. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years now, but I couldn’t afford it until recently. I’m excited to finally be able to dedicate some time and money to making that space feel like home.

We’ve already made some strides: there’s a new bookshelf in the living room, we got rid of my well-worn loveseat from college and replaced it with a normal-sized couch, and we’ve tossed the standing coat rack and replaced it with a hanging rack on the wall (much more space efficient).

I’ve really been bitten by the decor bug and for the last couple weeks I’ve spent many hours on the web browsing for home inspiration and decor. I’ve already placed an Ikea order and a Target order, which will hopefully arrive later this week. If the furniture does arrive this weekend, my plan is to try and put it all together (at home assembly, here I come!). I’ll try to take before and after pictures too so that I can show you guys the transformation.

Once we have the bigger pieces set up, it will be all about the details. I have my eye on a few pretty pieces- shop them below!

01. Moss-knit Blanket 02. Copper Task Lamp 03. Chindi Colorblock Pillow 04. Velvet Cushion Cover 05. Metallic Triangle Pillow 06. Glass Tea Light Holder 07. Ceramic Geo Vase 08. Copper Faceted Lamp 09. Magical Thinking Feather Planter

Home Refresh 01.

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So I got some good news a couple weeks ago- I don’t have to move! Oh man, what a relief. As soon as we received that happy news, my brain went into full-on redecoration mode. A little while ago, I wrote a post about how I wanted to refresh my bedroom. I’ve made a bit of progress on that list, so I thought I’d start a mini series here on the blog to keep you updated with my redecorating process (I’ve also been snapchatting [username: starcrossedsmil] the process and using the tag #scshome on Instagram).

The first room I wanted to tackle in the apartment is my bedroom. I spend a lot of time in here and I was really itching for a change. I should show you what my room looked like before…

home ideas, bedroom refresh, bedroom ideas, home refresh, bedroom ideas for women

home ideas, bedroom refresh, bedroom ideas, home refresh, bedroom ideas for women, nail polish organization

A few weeks ago, I took down all of the pictures and stuff hanging on my wall, moved most of my furniture out into the living room, and painted my walls white. I have a little tradition where I ask my friends to help me paint and reward them with wine and treats, so a couple friends came by that Saturday to help me.

I picked up my paint a few days before, and boy was it hard to narrow down the shade of white that I wanted! I actually went to the hardware store three times that week: once to look at all 50 gajillion shades of white, a second time to actually buy painting supplies, and a third time between coats when I was afraid I was going to run out of paint.

home ideas, bedroom refresh, bedroom ideas, home refresh, bedroom ideas for women

home ideas, bedroom refresh, bedroom ideas, home refresh, bedroom ideas for women

home ideas, bedroom refresh, bedroom ideas, home refresh, bedroom ideas for women

I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I feel good about the color I chose (Simply White from Benjamin Moore) and it makes my room feel brand new. Since I had to move most of my stuff to paint, I also wanted to take that opportunity to have a major clear out. I got rid of some junk, started a Goodwill donation pile, and set aside a few things that I’d like to send home to California. I also took a trip to The Container Store (a.k.a. the best place ever) to pick up a few things to help me get more organized. Since a lot of things are tucked under my bed or in my closet, you wouldn’t notice a difference at first glance, but I feel much more organized.

home ideas, bedroom refresh, bedroom ideas, home refresh, bedroom ideas for women

I think that’s about it for this first installment (above is a blurry peek at what it looks like now)! My walls are looking rather blank at the moment, so I’m on the hunt for pictures/artwork to put up. I’m also working on a few more things from my list. I bought a new bookshelf, which I’ll try to feature in an upcoming post, and I’ve got some marble contact paper working it’s way to my mailbox now.

Bedroom Decor Inspiration

frames, gallery wall, black and white frames, inspiration wall

Due to my possible upcoming move, I’ve been thinking a lot about giving my bedroom an update. Naturally my tastes have changed a little over the years. Also, here in the city, I’m always trying to figure out how I can fit the maximum amount of stuff in the minimum amount of space. Here are a few changes I’d like to make to my room.

white sheets, pink chair, sleeping nook


When I moved into my first proper apartment in the city, I painted my walls a pale yellow. When I moved into my current apartment, I painted them yellow. Back in the day, I never thought I’d choose yellow, but I liked how warm and inviting it made my room feel. Now I’d like to switch to a blank canvas and insert accents of color elsewhere.

white sheets, cozy bed, cozy sheets, white bedroom


I made the move to white sheets last year and it made my bed look much lighter and airier. My duvet cover and shams are a set I’ve had since 2011 and the pattern on it contains gray, yellow, and white. I’ve been thinking about getting a textured white duvet set (although that seriously means no eating on the bed) and I’ve also got my eye on this chunky gray knit blanket at H&M.

The Gallery Wall


Starting a washi tape gallery wall was a way to display images I find inspirational, without having to spend a lot of money on frames or making lots of holes in my wall. I still love the idea, but I’ve had these images on my wall for a while now. I’d like to change the pictures and incorporate more prints. Also, I’m thinking that if I do paint my walls white, gray and black washi tape borders would look really graphic and cool, with perhaps a few blue borders too.

white shelves, floating shelves


I have one bookshelf in my room and one in my bedroom. Both have been with me since college and they’re starting to fall apart after a few moves. The bookshelf in my bedroom has three shelves and of course it’s stuffed to the brim with books. I’ve thought about buying a really tall bookshelf, but I worry that it would shrink my already small room. I’m also considering getting a four-shelf bookshelf, so it’s a bit bigger, but not too much. I’m thinking that floating shelves could give me some more book space too, but then of course you have to deal with drilling holes in the wall. I’d also like the new bookshelf or shelves to be white to match the rest of my furniture (the shelf in my bedroom used to be light “wood,” but at some point I painted it a light gray).

marble contact paper, diy marble desk, marble, marble decor


I’ve got a tiny little desk from Ikea, but it’s actually the perfect size for my room. When I first moved here, I didn’t have a desk, but then I realized I missed having that surface to work on and keep office supplies. The surface of my desk has gotten some nicks and scratches over the years, so I thought it might be nice to cover the top with marble contact paper. Not only would it hide those scratches, but I think it would look really cool and add a bit of pattern to my room.

open bedroom, airy bedroom, bright bedroom


I still don’t know if I’m moving or not, but if I’m giving my bedroom an update, I really need to take this opportunity to get rid of some stuff. I did some spring cleaning and donated items, but I kept putting off the major overhaul because I knew it was likely I was moving this summer (it’s so much easier to purge when you’re packing because then you have to go through all of your stuff anyway). Whether or not I move, I need to take a hard look at all of my things and decide what I’d really like to keep.

I’m already a rather neat and organized person, but I can definitely do some more streamlining. The other day I bought a small tray to hold some of the bits and bobs on top of my dresser. I was surprised by how much of a difference it made Everything looked much neater placed in the tray, rather than scattered in a little corner of my dresser. Also, my closet has pretty decent storage, so I should take better advantage of that space to store things that I don’t need regular access to.

Have you made any changes to your bedroom recently?

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