Last Laughs in London

I can’t believe that tomorrow I will be back in the States! I feel like I just left the country yesterday! The funny thing is that I feel that this time next week, I probably will have settled into my routine and being abroad will feel so far away.  I’ve had a really good time in London, relaxing with my cousins and siblings, doing a little bit of shopping, and exploring a bit. Even though I’m seriously low on cash, I was able to pick up a few items:

nail polish
I love nail polish, clearly! I’m excited to complete my rainbow (I needed yellow and orange) and also to snag that really bright blue color and the gunmetal color that I’ve been chasing after for months!
H&M Ring
The H&M ring I wanted so badly! I finally tracked it down and I have to say I’m very happy :)
H&M Ring
Primark Oxfords
Black oxfords- I think these will be a great addition to my wardrobe. I can’t wait to wear them!

Also, I got my hair done! Although it was admittedly a nice change having my natural hair out for a while, I really needed to get a no fuss hairdo done since school will be starting in a bit. In the pics below you can see the transition from afro to straightened natural hair to twist extensions. Fun fact- some of my really good friends have never seen my natural hair!

My Hair
My Hair
My Hair, BraidedAnd last but not least, I promised some pictures of my day in central London. I’m going to miss this city and I can’t wait to come back!
my cousin told me this is the “Times Square” of London

In the Tube

Trafalgar Square 

Trafalgar Square

The National Gallery

View of the London Eye

Palace Guard

Big Ben

Near the London Eye

Waterloo Station

Love from London,

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