Animal Kingdom

For today’s post, I teamed up with Anna from Visions of Memories to create an animal-print themed look.  We both chose something with animal print from our closets and made an outfit.  I thought it would be a great time to show off this leopard-print sweater that I thrifted from Saver’s.

black sweater and belt- forever 21, leopard sweater-
thrifted (Saver’s), jeggings- Plato’s Closet, boots- GoJane

This sweater used to be a little bit longer and before I could wear it with leggings, but unfortunately I’m pretty sure it shrunk in the dryer.  I definitely wanted to wear it belted, but it looked dumb belted on its own, so I threw the black sweater on top.  The neckline is a little high and it also has these side slits that I don’t love, so if I ever get around to it I might try to alter it.  Regardless, I love the print and it was a steal at under $5!

I’ve been furiously knitting the past few days, working on one of my projects for Pay it Forward 2011 and tomorrow I’m off to Joann’s to get some supplies.  I also picked up some lovely pearly pink yarn that I’m eventually going to use to make a cardigan for myself.  I’m so excited about the stuff I’m knitting right now, which is the way it has to be otherwise I’ll never complete the project!  So I’m hoping to spend the weekend being crafty and finishing up the project I’m currently working on so that I can send it out early next week.  What will you guys be up to this weekend?  Happy Friday :D

Oh, and don’t forget to check out Visions of Memories later today to see her outfit!
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  1. Nnenna wrote:

    That's very sweet of you to say, thank you Michelle and thanks for the follow! :D

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  2. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you so much Melissa! :D

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  3. Michelle_fmd wrote:

    Hello girl, I just love your blog, very stylish! I'm always visiting u, and following too. My blog is,if you can please visit my blog and follow too, ok?

    Michelle Duarte

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  4. Melissa wrote:

    Oh that sweater is fabulous!!! I love it! And anything belted makes me happy. :) You look gorgeous!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  5. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you very much Marie!! :)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  6. Nnenna wrote:

    Haha, thanks D! It might just be the expression though- sometimes I look really serious in my photos but I promise I'm not! :D

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  7. Melliott930 wrote:

    That printed top must have been such a great find! And I love your boots, too….

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  8. Elle Sees wrote:

    love this and it's so me!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  9. The Merry Traveller wrote:

    May I say how fierce you look in leopard print! Your colouring make the prints pop and they look stunning on you!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  10. Josie wrote:

    Oh, I hate when things shrink in the dryer and I can't wear them the same way any more! What a charming look, though.
    xo Josie

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  11. Nnenna wrote:

    Thanks Sophi! And I should have some new knits to show off soon! :)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  12. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you very much Sydney and thanks for your comment about Grenadine!! =)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  13. Ellenreviewsblog wrote:

    Cool mix and match :) I like it. :D

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  14. ohsosophi wrote:

    That is such a nice leopard print… they're def. not all created equal! Yours is nice and subtle and classy. I love the belt, too! It's definitely what the top calls for. And I think the high neck works in this case :)

    Can't wait to see what you knit up!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  15. Sydney wrote:

    ohh i always love animal print! you look so cute. and i just saw grenadine from your post below…what a lovely idea! that's so cute. :)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  16. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you Helena! :)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  17. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you very much! :)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  18. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you Cat! Funny you should mention that- my sister also has a pair of leopard printed flats that I also covet! haha :)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  19. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you very much Rosie! :D

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  20. helena wrote:

    I love the leopard printed top

    x helena

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  21. jenni wells wrote:

    Love this! I've worked at a Plato's Closet for over four years now. It's awesome to see bloggers get such kick ass stuff from the stores.

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  22. Theothersideofthepondmydear wrote:

    Love the look, I think animal print is best done in small portions, like you've done.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Thanks for your sweet comment.


    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  23. Ingeluciana wrote:

    the animal print looks so chic :)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  24. zarna wrote:

    i love the leopard – everythings better with a little animal print :)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  25. Cat wrote:

    Animal print just doesn't get old for me…at least in small doses. A coworker had on the most amazing leopard printed ballet flats the other day (shoe jealousy instantly set in). Love your look!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  26. Krystal/Village wrote:

    happy weekend!!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  27. RosieSavage wrote:

    Loving the leopard print! Always looks great with black, and I love your earrings.

    Rosie x

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  28. Giselle wrote:

    Love great finds, and under $5 thats great! Definitely going shopping this weekend, and hopefully I can find something great and at a good price ;)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  29. Nnenna wrote:

    Thanks Laura! Haha, I have shrunk many a garment in my school's dryers, they just must be more powerful than what I'm used to at home, or something!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  30. Laura wrote:

    oooo, the animal print looks so good on you!! haha and i shrunk a sweater once freshman year, and it was completely unwearable.

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  31. Kathleen wrote:

    aw so pretty girl! i love the leopard! and esp how the belt ties the whole outfit together, lovely! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  32. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you very much! =)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  33. Styleshewrote wrote:

    Love your look! Leopard is always chic! xo style, she wrote

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  34. Nnenna wrote:

    Thanks Gertrude! I got into thrifting because of blogging, and I'm so glad I did! You'll just have to come visit so we can go thrifting together :D

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  35. wrote:

    I like the pop of color in this outfit with the Animal print especially for the price- awesome.

    Write it in lipstick

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  36. Gertrude wrote:

    I get so jealous when I see the word 'thrifted'! hehe .. I wish we had a thrift store here, many bloggers (including you obviously) seem to find a lot of wonderful items at thrift stores :) Great outfit! x

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  37. Courtney Thomas wrote:

    I love leopard print and, hence, this!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  38. taking pictures over heels wrote:

    lovely outfit, kisses :)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply