Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips Review

Poof!  Two weeks just passed in the blink of an eye! I certainly didn’t mean to take a two-week hiatus, but a few things kept me away from the blog, some good and some not so good.  I can’t wait to share my spring break adventures with you guys, but in the meantime I thought I’d just pop in to show you that I’m alive and leave you with this little product review.

sorry for the blurry iPhone pic, it’s the only one I took!
I saw the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in a magazine a couple of weeks back and dogeared the page as a reminder to give them a try sometime.  Then, when I was visiting a friend in the Bay Area, we popped in to a local Walgreens and saw these sets, so I decided to pick one up.  The store I went to didn’t have much selection but I eventually settled on this pattern, which is called Misbehaved.

– really easy to apply.  It took me a little while the first time, but that’s just because I was following the instructions to the letter.  Basically, you select the strip that best matches the shape of your nail, peel of the back and apply, and file off the part that hangs past your nail. Easy peasy!

– looks professionally done.  I got so many compliments on these nails and people asked me where I got them done.  They were really surprised when I told them I did them myself in a bedroom in about 15 minutes!

– so many awesome patterns and no dry time needed.  I don’t have the skill to draw these patterns myself, so it’s really cool that I can apply these strips instead.  There is actually quite a bit of selection if you look on their website and I really love the patterns as well as the glittery polishes.  And it doesn’t have to dry!  Perfect way to avoid all the times that I’ve spent an hour doing my nails only to mess it up in one minute!

– lasts the amount of time it says it will.  I would say that my nails looked pretty good up until the 7th day or so and this is with normal wear and tear.  I wasn’t delicate with these and did everything I would normally do in my daily activities.

– cost.  I bought my set for $9.99, which is pretty steep for the girl that only likes to buy the cheap 99-cent polishes.
Bottom Line: I would buy them again and recommend them to other people!  I don’t regret my purchase at all and got what I expected out of them!  Maybe the next time I buy them though, I might wait until my local drugstore is having a sale or I believe I have read that they are slightly cheaper at Walmart.
Tell me- have any of you guys tried these nail polish strips?  If so, what was your experience?
P.S. I’m planning on slowly catching up on all the comments and such that I missed while I was gone, but I am currently trying to knock out a draft for one of my senior theses, so that certainly takes priority.  That means I probably won’t be able to post again until I get back to school on Monday.  I’m going to get back on twitter though (I’ve been away too long and I’ve missed you guys!) so if you want to chat, hit me up there!  Seriously, it will be a welcome distraction for me :D
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  1. Nnenna wrote:

    Oh no! I sent it on Valentine's Day, so I thought it should be there by now :( If it doesn't come by the end of March, I'll definitely make you something new! and I'll send you a DM to make sure I sent it to the right address!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  2. Nina wrote:

    hey nnenna! I havent received the package yet! :(

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  3. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you Veronika and Happy Friday to you too!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  4. Girl and Closet wrote:

    Looks so cute, hun! I haven't tried any strips, but am on the look out for a great french mani set. AND a happy Friday to you. xx veronika

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  5. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you! Haha, maybe I should! :)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  6. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you very much! =) I'll definitely let you know if I find them any where for cheaper!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  7. tinkerbelle wrote:

    gorgeous nails girlie!!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  8. NoodlesandWaffles wrote:

    It's times like these that I wish I didn't bite my nails. These look amazing! You should just tell people you have skills to do this…no one needs to know the difference!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  9. Harija wrote:

    love the nail design!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  10. Krystal/Village wrote:

    oooo those nails are awesome, thanks for the review!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  11. Roxy Heart wrote:

    Looks great! I've been meaning to try them, but I feel the same way as you. Too expensive. I love buying cheap nail polishes. They usually work as good as expensive ones. Great post!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  12. Courtney Thomas wrote:

    Love the nails – and I hope you've had a good break (even with the thesis writing)!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  13. Saffron wrote:

    i really like your nail design it’s gorgeous….

    Posted 8.22.11 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Thank you so much! =)

      Posted 8.22.11 Reply