On Nnenna’s Needles #18

Tangled Up in Green

These are the second pair of socks that I’ve attempted to make.  The first pair fit fairly well, but they are very bulky and definitely more suited to the winter season.  These ones, however, are lighter and airyer (is that even a word?).  I especially love the open lacy part of the sock.


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m one of those people who likes having their feet in socks most of the time.  Even in the dead of summer, when the temperature is well past 100 degrees in my hometown, I often wear socks to bed.  I didn’t think that was weird until I talked to some of my roommates and discovered how much they dislike socks!  One roommate told me that every time she wears socks she feels like they are suffocating her feet!  So I’d love to know how you guys feel about socks….

Tell me: Do you love socks or hate them?
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  1. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you so much Cait! =)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  2. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you so much Laura! :)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  3. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you so much Sabine! I haven't made socks in a while either, but seeing these ones again makes me want to start a new pair :)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  4. Nnenna wrote:

    I second that, yay socks! haha :) Thank you Ashley and hope you're doing well too!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  5. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you! =)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  6. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you so much Veena!! :)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  7. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you! Phew, thanks for confirming that! ;)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  8. Nnenna wrote:

    Thanks Anisa! When we meet IRL, I'll teach you! :D

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  9. Deppalovesspring wrote:

    I totally love your socks. Actually I love any kind of socks :)

    Hey you asked me about my picture's effects, so I always use Picnik.. or picnick.. I don't know, but is easy and free :)

    See you!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  10. Cait wrote:

    Those socks are so lovely! I love socks, my feet are always cold so I always wear socks no matter what the season :)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  11. Ashley wrote:

    You make socks, too?!?!  I love 'em.  I'm picturing them in all sorts of shades of white and off-white for autumn.  You could SELL them, even.

    I'm not in love with socks, but I'm a cold person, so I've come to like them because I always have to wear them.  Plus I seem to stub my toes a lot if I'm not wearing them.  Odd?

    P.S.  I'm taking Anatomy & Physiology (which I'm coming to realize isn't very tough at all) and "Concepts and Principals of Health Information Management" this summer.  :|

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  12. laura wrote:

    you are sooo creative! these are gorgeous socks! I am more of a tights kind of gal, but in the winter I like to wear socks. when it's hotter, I get cranky and just throw them all over the place, cursing their warmth. hahaha.

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  13. Sabine wrote:

    Great job, Nnenna! I love the little pattern and the colour is wonderful. It's ages since I last made socks… I like making them, but not wearing them – but that's only because socks mean winter and no socks mean summer.

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  14. Krystal/Village wrote:

    so cute!!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  15. Ashley Rae wrote:

    I'm totally a sock fan! All different colors, patterns and lengths. Yay socks!
    Btw, love the beach photos of you!
    Hope all is well, Nnenna.


    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  16. jl_5120 wrote:

    so cute!! I wish i could knit like that, LOL. Love the colours too ;) 



    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  17. Veena McCoole wrote:

    Those socks are so cute, I love knitted things! You're so talented, I wish I could knit :( haha, Thanks for sharing! Lots of love from your follower, Veena <3


    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  18. bestofbklyn wrote:

    Wow! That's impressive! I don't think I'd be able to do that! 

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  19. AmberBlueBird83 wrote:

    cute socks, really like the color. Oh and airyer is so a word

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  20. Anisa wrote:

    you're a knitting champ! i love it i wish i knew how to do so!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  21. jamie wrote:

    you are SO good with those needles, girl! those socks are so adorable! and i agree, the color is a lovely one! as for me, i hate socks! lol.. i only wear them during the winter when my feet are cold inside my house.. but that doesnt last very long because i get too hot wearing them :) and i wear socks when i work out and thats about the only times i ever wear socks lol =P i hate the fuzzies stuck in between my toes and sometimes in it (ew)

    i hope youre doing well darling! summer is officially around the corner so i hope you have a super duper fun and lovely summer :) hope your week is going well doll, muah!

    love always,
    jamie from blogredhead.blogspot

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  22. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you Qin! =)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  23. qin wrote:

    the socks are a lovely color.

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  24. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you! Me too, especially the really soft, fuzzy ones- those are the best! =)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  25. Nnenna wrote:

    Me too! hehe :D

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  26. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you so much Sabina and yes, they are! :D

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  27. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you so much! :)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  28. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you Silvia!  Socks aren't too bad- it took me a little while, but then I eventually got it and there's always You Tube for help when you're stuck!  =) There are a couple of methods- you can either work with double-pointed needles or circular needles (I did these on circulars).

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  29. Nnenna wrote:

    Oh, I might have to try that technique!  Thanks Rosie! =)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  30. Nnenna wrote:

    Thank you Laura and thank you so much for following!  I'll definitely check out your blog =)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  31. ondressingup wrote:

    Ohh I like the colour and sweet pattern/type of stitch? along the top of the socks. I love socks especially in winter. I especially love bed socks; the kind that are a cross btw slippers and socks. Warm and cosy.

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  32. Fashionchampagne wrote:

    i love socks! x

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  33. sartorialsidelines wrote:

    I can't wear socks while I sleep but even during the day, in the heat, I usually wear little half socks with my shoes – I can't stand bare, sweaty feet in the hot weather.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  34. sabinasupernova wrote:

    Wow, you're really good for making these! WOW! :)) I love sock, hihi, my boyfriend always laughs at me because he finds it so cute, but I dunno, it's just so comfy, isn't it? :P

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  35. Closet Fashionista wrote:

    Oh wow those came out great!!!
    I like socks in the winter…but not in summer, hehe :) I used to HATE them until just last year though, haha

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  36. Hen wrote:

    Love socks! These look really comfy – well done for making them!

    Teenage Daydreams

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  37. Silvia DellaGiacoma wrote:

    great job! i have never tried socks, thought they are quite difficould, don't? you have to work with 4 needles…i always try little things!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  38. Rosie wrote:

    I love socks! I tend to wack loads of moisturiser on and then put on a big fat pair of socks overnight, which works wonders.
    These look fab!

    Rosie x

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  39. Josie wrote:

    I admit — I hate socks!  I don't know why.  But these do look super cozy!
    xo Josie

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  40. laura wrote:

    I really love socks! love the colours of yours!

     thanks for comment! wanna follow each other? I follow you!


    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  41. Gentrileeblog wrote:

    I love socks! I think they're best when they have bright colors or crazy patterns or are just pretty. Haha! What's the point of having a bunch of white socks? Hahaha! Although I like shoes that don't require socks most of the time. These are beautiful!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply